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  1. Thank you for providing “noise” in my house while my sailor is deployed. (I am home alone-no children…yet)The emptiness and loneliness vanishes while I play archives. Thank God for what you both do. Bring them ALL home safe and God bless! GO NAVY!

  2. Jessica – thank you for the sweet comment! It is so great to receive them…sometimes we feel like we are just chatting to each other and wonder just “who’s listening??!”

    I know it can get lonely while there are gone, we are privileged to hang out with you. 🙂

  3. Hey Jessica! What a wonderful comment!! Please feel free to chat with us! Ask questions, make comments and if you have any ideas for the show, maybe a topic you want to hear talked about, just let us know! Thanks so much for listening Jessica! It’s a pleasure to meet you!

    :o) Marie

  4. Aww…thank you both! I am so touched that you both responded and to meet you both. I am so excited! I am definitely addicted to the achives of the radio show. I have my pen and paper at hand, taking notes. I am looking forward to the new show on Tuesday!(hopefully, I will be home from coaching(cheer) in time) Again, many thanks! 🙂

  5. Chief Machinist Mate Manny Meneses……
    Does any one have his E-mail. I have not spoke to him in years.
    He was my boss on the Memphis.


  6. Cary – I would check the website Together We Served, it’s a great place to find long lost shipmates. Good Luck!

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