NEW Episode of Hey, Shipwreck

If you love Hey, Shipwreck, you’ll be happy to know Pat has recently released Episode 3.

I have to say this new episode even had me laughing a few times, so even if you are not in the Navy you will still get his jokes.  This episode features the mid-watch, Transformers and first day duty.  (warning language)

New Episode of Hey, Shipwreck!

Pat is really getting fancy with this LONG AWAITED second episode of Hey, Shipwreck!

Funny episode Pat, I like the scene with the missiles in the background and going down the hallway…..getting pretty fancy with the graphics.

I am always forgetting my passwords too! grrr!
Interesting Fact:  On our show Navy Wife Radio, ET1 Pat Hrabe, the creator of Hey, Shipwreck! holds the record for our most downloaded show.