NYC here I come

22 Sep 08

I have never been to New York City. Well, I take that back….about 15 years ago I attended my aunts wedding, but we only went to the wedding, her apt and I think it all lasted about 2 days before we headed out of town. So, I really do not count that time.

On Friday after the amazing interview with Nicholas Sparks I received an email with the invite to the premier. “The NYC Movie Premier” I had to google it just to make sure. I even asked, “is this an advanced screening” and was told “It’s the NYC Premiere…stars will be there!” Having the opportunity to fly to NYC for a movie premier just was not even on my list of things to do before I die!

As far as movie stars go Richard Gere would not be top on my list to see, but my mom is a HUGE fan. The choice seemed obvious on just who to invite along. As for me, I’m most anxious to meet / see Nicholas Sparks the author of Nights in Rodanthe.

Yesterday I visited Macys trying to decide if this event would require something new for the “red carpet” or something I already had in my closet. In the end I decided to wear something I had that was new at home with the tags still on that I purchased last fall for such a dressy event. I love finding things on sale and squirreling them away.

My shopping trip also included a trip to Barnes and Noble for a much needed tourist guide and travel journal.

I worked all day today, but managed a trip to the exchange at lunch to pick a new pair of boots and a shawl / wrap thing to wear over my top just in case it is chilly. I don’t plan on packing a jacket. I’d like to not check any baggage, so I’m only packing the bare minimum.

I will be gone approximately 48 hours. In the end I decided to fly out Thursday at 5am so that we could have all day on Wednesday in the city. I’m hoping to sleep in and maybe see a show. I’d like to take a tour of some kind, see Central Park and Ground Zero.

This whole planning and getting ready for a trip like this seems surreal. I’m waiting for someone to call and tell me that I’m dreaming and that no, you really are not going to NYC to attend a movie premier, see Richard Gere, Diane Lane, Nicholas Sparks, tour the city, see the Statue of Liberty, ride in a NYC cab, see a broadway show, take pictures of amazing buildings….etc…etc….