Welcome Home

080718-N-4879G-372 NORFOLK, Va. (July 18, 2008) A Sailor assigned to the guided-missile destroyer USS Cole (DDG 67) hugs his family during the ship’s return to Naval Station Norfolk after a six-month deployment. Cole was deployed with the British Royal Navy’s aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious and was the first U.S. Navy ship to sail under the command of a foreign battle group. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist Seaman PatricK Grieco/Released)

I just love homecomings!

Eye on the Fleet

Not very often are there cameras on the pier capturing Homecoming. How wonderful for these USS Tennessee (SSBN 734) families. Darn Gold Crew! 😉

Welcome home

Eye on the Fleet

080416-N-1226D-137 POINT LOMA, Calif. (April 16, 2008) Hospital Corpsman 1st Class Keith Davis kisses his wife Angie Davis during a homecoming for the Los Angels class fast-attack submarine USS Topeka (SSN 754) returning after a six-month deployment in the western Pacific. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Omar A. Dominquez (Released)

I’m guessing this was the First Kiss Winner?? What do you think?

I also want to say it was raining here today…..and a bit dreary. That San Diego blue sky sure looks wonderful! Someone was just asking a question about how to get those leis for the sail….anyone have any ideas??

Homecoming 6 Months Early

I have finally come out of the clouds and have landed safely back into “reality”. My writing has taken a back seat to evenings spent catching up on 7 months of missed conversation, cooking real dinners, his TV shows, his Netflix picks and his favorite restaurants. Isn’t it funny how that happens when they get home. The boys have spent lots of one on one time in between soccer, boy scouts, motorcycle rides and the new Wii. I thought it was time to catch up on the details of this unique homecoming.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about our last phone call from “over there” and how strange it was knowing that he was “really” on his way home. I hate to admit that I wasn’t letting myself get too excited until I knew he was in Kuwait for fear the Navy and the Army would change their minds and keep him in country.

In my last post I talked about planning for R&R and I was told to plan for a HOMECOMING.

When was the last time you heard of that happening?? (more details of why that happened in a different post)

I think when he finally landed in the States he had been traveling for over 72 hours. I feel for the guys whose wives plan trips immediately upon their arrival. I’m so glad I sought the advice of several wives on this subject….who knew it would take FOREVER to get out of “over there”. Plus, since it is so close to summer it makes sense to wait till then for any road trips. The only requests he gave me for his homecoming were: his favorite meal, his favorite beer, something from his favorite store in the mall (VS), and no parties….oh and me off work for a week.

I was able to pull all of that off with not too much effort. What was different about this homecoming than ones of the past?

1. It was in a airport vs. a pier so we stood out like crazy.

2. My neighbors thought I was crazy when they saw me with 50 plus mini- American Flags that I put on every other driveway from my house to the entrance of the subdivision. After asking “Can I put a flag by your mailbox, my husbands coming home from Afghanistan tomorrow”, it was finally starting to sink in. The more I said “it” the more emotional I found myself, so after about the 7th house, I quit asking and just starting putting the flags in the ground anyway.

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Back in Baby’s Arms

Hello everyone!

I’m thrilled to be here blogging with this great group of ladies. I’ll be brief tonight, but I wanted to do a quick check-in and introduce myself. As you may have read, I’m a Coast Guard wife. Once upon a time, I served in the Marine Corps. So, in a sense, I’m already a part of this family since the Marines falls under the Department of the Navy. That works, for you, right?

Today, my brevity is a direct result of the wonderfulness that the military life can offer. What is that you may ask? Well, it’s the homecoming reunions, of course. My husband just returned this afternoon, and as I type, he is snoring on the couch snuggled up with one of our children (who just couldn’t get enough daddy time today). The house has been abuzz with excitement since he got back, and I feel whole again. I know so many of you can relate to that feeling.

Perhaps one the best parts of homecoming time is the peace that comes over me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a frantic mess the day before and the morning of getting things ready (house cleaning, shopping, laundry, etc.). I even find that I still get anxious right up until the moment I see him. My mind is reeling with thoughts. Will he like my outfit? Did he miss me and the kids nearly as much as we missed him? Will we reconnect quickly or will there be an awkward period? How are the kids going to react? We all have most of these kinds of questions, I imagine.

The peace sets in when we are back at home though. When I know I’m with my partner again, and I can breathe for a moment. I don’t have to have two kids on my hips while cooking dinner and answering the phone. I don’t have to walk the dog every single time she starts yelping to relieve herself. I don’t have to be super-mom anymore. I will go to bed next to him instead of the telephone. Overall, though, I can just breathe and be me. How peaceful.

With that, I’m going to log off here and tuck the snuggly little one into bed, get into some jammies and enjoy my peace with my darling husband.

Thank you for welcoming me into your family. I look forward to sharing some more of my part of this amazing military life with you as time goes on.