Still Adjusting

Well, as many know the hubs is back from his deployment. This one was a little over 4 months and just before that one he was gone for a 6 month deployment. Whew…back to back deployments can take it’s toll on a family that is for sure. 

I have to admit I was a little nervous as to how well we would adjust. Would the awkwardness wear off? Would we argue a lot or be overly passive? Questions and more questions just built up within my mind. Fortunately, it has been a relatively smooth process. We have been home from a 2 week “Vacation High” and this week has been partially “normal” because he hasn’t started back to work yet. 

It seems so strange having him back. This past deployment I wasn’t anything like the one before it. The one before it I seemed to have more support and I made time for myself and even made time to cry and let out emotions, if need be. This recent deployment I didn’t seem to cry at all. It seemed as though I became “stronger” and I really wasn’t sure if I liked this new found “Strength”. It seemed as though I went into survival mode and all that mattered was getting through the days. Emotions were something I had little time for which I know cannot be healthy but it wasn’t something I did by choice it just seemed to happen on its own as the daily stresses built upon each other. I had to deal with so much alone this time around and it seemed as though I was just that…ALONE!

I was so thankful to have Wendy to talk to, my mom and my childhood best friend. Wendy especially so patiently allowed me to “Vent” to her about things that were ailing me or some stressful event that was all important at the time. I felt like she just “Knew” how I felt and understood what I was going though so much better than say, a civilian confidant. It is so unique, that special understanding and unspoken bond that we share as Military Spouses. It is something that I have found no where else in the world when it comes down to support amongst military families. 

Well, I will be on here more often now that the long break is over. It seems as though since my husband’s return I have had a(n) pouring AVALANCHE of emotions about the past deployment and my writer’s block is clearing itself of the “Haze”. For me this is a good thing. Being an emotional person by birth the mysterious loss of emotion due to stress has been difficult on me. I cry when I am happy (happy tears) and I cry when I am sad (sad tears).  I am HAPPY to have my tears back and to feel my family back together in one place again!

Now that I am able to share my tasks with my husband and he with me the emotional release feels so refreshing and my tears like the dew on the break of a new day. Time to close one chapter and begin another. In this case I couldn’t be more happy to do so.

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The Last Phone Call from “Over There”

Soon my husband will be home. Just when I was hating the Navy, they saw fit to shorten my husbands orders and the Army unit he was attached to agreed! I’m so loving the Navy and the Army right now! I’ll probably never say that in the same sentence again! ….at least I hope not! Instead of R&R and two weeks of bliss at home (minus the nagging feeling that saying good-bye again would be harder than the first time), he announced he wouldn’t be coming home for 2 weeks….he was coming home… home.

I thought, “Did he just say “home home”?? I had already planned the next weeks. What we would do or……not do, places we would visit, the favorite meals I would cook. Two weeks of favorite things and special days to show the guest of honor just how much he was missed and loved. Now, I have weeks and weeks and weeks with him….no impending airline reservation calling him back “over there”.

The other night about 730pm, my phone rang. It was him and we chatted for about 15 min, talking about his flights and process home. I said just before hanging up, “so, is this our last phone call from Afghanistan?” he said, “yes, I guess it is…” and there was an unmistakable silence on the line.

Six months later and we are almost done….almost….. I can’t wait for the phone call from Kuwait.

14 days and counting

imgp1016_sm.jpgWith only 14 days till Christmas I have finally finished my Christmas lights out front. I found these lights that look like they are glowing at Garden Ridge…..who knew they had such a thing. Those along with some lights from Walmart are what I used. I put some lights on all the bushes and around the front door. My roof is too steep to dare climb up on a ladder, plus our front yard is slanted….so Im thinking that it would be an emergency room visit waiting to happen.

The weather here was so mild last night, drizzily rain but warm enough for just a sweatshirt. It was great to stand out on the street and look at the lights and watch them take shape as I decorated each bush.

It was so worth it.

Is your husband deployed? Have you put up lights? If you haven’t, get out there and hang some lights. It will help the Christmas spirit, I promise.

Updated 12/11: Note about the photo – The glowing lights are to the left of the small tree. I have my tall skinny tree in the front window, along with a wreath that is hung up with a plastic suction cup. We also have those small candle lights in the windows….very Christmasy. We have two huge trees on either side of the house and no matter how many leaves we pick up, they are always back the next day. I think I’ll be raking leaves till Jan.