Fly Lady helps you get organized

On (the place where we air Navy Wife Radio), I discovered this show called “Fly Lady”. Marla, the creator/host is all about helping ladies get organized in their homes.

I listened to an interview with her and BTR creator Alan Levy a bit ago and was amazed how lovingly this lady and her crew help overwhelmed and over stretched women manage their homes.

Fly Lady has the largest Yahoo group with over 450,000 members. Wow! that’s a lot of Fly Babies.

If getting organized, creating routines, getting rid of clutter, better managing your home is part of your 2008 goals, then you must check out this website.

With shows like Clean Sweep and other organizing shows out there, Marla is currently developing her own TV show… exciting.

By the way FLY stands for “Finally Loving Yourself”. 🙂