Jon and Kate plus 8, Eli Stone and a movie review

Seeing the photos of Jessica’s flowers has got me wishing even more for Spring! Until it arrives, I’ll probably watch more TV than I should. We are still having drizzly cold rain here……although today was in the 60’s. I read Tuesday we might have snow?!

Anyway—to keep me occupied with some mindless entertainment, I have discovered two new TV shows that have been filling up my DVR, along with American Idol.

I discovered this Jon and Kate plus 8 show on Discovery Health about 2 weeks ago. I’ve seen about 4 or 5 episodes so far and I just love this little show. Once we babysat 2 other kids, one of which was 3 or 4. The husband and I were worn out after 2 hours. I think we forgot how much it takes to entertain and keep an eye on these fast moving little ones. The sextuplets are 3 1/2 and for me, the 3’s were much harder than the 2’s. At 3, they are climbing, and all over the place if you are not careful. I have a photo of my son standing on the back of the couch using a plastic kid sized rake as an air guitar.

If you haven’t seen it, you are in for a treat.

Next on my DVR is Eli Stone. I’m enjoying this quirky show. Although, people have been telling me it’s a lot like Ali McBeal….which I never watched.

Johnny Lee Miller is really good in it, and Ive never seen him in anything else….so I’m not sure where he came from.

In a quick movie review, last weekend I went to see Vantage Point with Dennis Quaid. I have to say it was “OK”. I give it 3.5 stars. It had some exciting parts, but after the “4th or 5th” vantage point, that part was getting kind of old. The end was also (not to give anything away) wrapped up a little to nicely for my liking.

Has anyone seen Atonement? I’m reading the book and feel like I should be reading it with a dictionary.