Ask the Chief
The Sub Report Creator of “Hey, Shipwreck!”
Hey, Shipwreck!

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  1. Sent the DH(to be) the dvd of Hey, Shipwreck to the ship and he loved it! I do too! (When I need a good laugh I watch an episode sometimes on Youtube.)He had seen a couple of episodes here and there. Can’t wait to see the next series about recruiting…..been there, done that! DH was a recruiter..when I met him. I will probably be falling out of my chair on that series too! Glad to hear that Pat will be coming on the show soon! Amazingly enough that cartoon answered a lot of questions for me! LOL

  2. That is AWESOME Jess! Pat does do a great job with this series. It is just wonderful to be a be able to have such a talented person working with Navy Wife Radio. His next series will be great too! I am sure. The next one is scheduled to be out on April 14th 2008! Hope you will check it out! Oh yeah and Jessica power!!! 😆 HUGS!

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