Brothers at War

This movie recently came across my radar and it looks like something worth paying attention to and venturing out to see. It is coming to my area at the end of month and I’m making plans to attend.

Share this information with your friends. The executive producer is Gary Sinise.

Check out the website for movie locations:

Nikki Fitness Testimonials Needed

I received an email from Nikki today and she has been approached to do an interview with First Magazine. How exciting!!

We did a show on Nikki Fitness not to long ago and posted her workout DVD for military spouses. If you have the DVD and would like to share your testimonial on how it has helped with your workout routine and getting fit Nikki would love to hear from you asap!

Here is her email


If you haven’t yet ordered the DVD, be sure to get your copy. You will love this video created just for the busy milspouse!

Beagle Escape Artist

Update:  30 Sep 08

Having told you all that Katie escaped the yard during the show I had to find the youtube video of the “beagle escape”.

Doggy Escape Artist

I just love this video. Having two beagles of my own who love going on adventures, this video is incredible. Good luck trying to keep a beagle contained.



Chris Altice and Christian Garzone from PBS’ CARRIER Join Us 9/9 9pmET

This Tuesday 9/9 at 9pmET we welcome two “cast” members from PBS’ CARRIER. You don’t want to miss this show LIVE! Here are the details:


Tuesday 9 September 08 – CARRIER | PBS Special | Chris Altice and Christian Garzone –

Chris Altice

Chris Altice

The PBS Special CARRIER evokes many different reactions depending on who you ask. Some loved the series, some not so much. No matter which side of the fence you fall on, our listeners keep telling us it’s the closest view we as spouses will ever get to what it’s like living on an aircraft carrier. Just like any good evening drama, CARRIER had it share of dramatic story lines. We were introduced to young Sailors, who quickly became fan favorites. When we began the search on which crew members to invite to the show, our two guests tonight were tops on the list. Tonight we welcome Chris Altice, who we watched on the flight deck in his red shirt loading ordinance. We got to know this young father-to-be and rooted for him during his agonizing girlfriend experience.

Christian Garzone

Christian Garzone

Second, we welcome the humorous Christian Garzone. His homemade videos with side-kick Phil gave us a unique insight into their world inside the ship. Christian was a breath of fresh air during series and was the 1st person our fans requested.

We’ll hear from both Chris and Christian on what it was like on board during the filming, their thoughts on how well or truthful the series depicts Navy life on board a Carrier, what they are doing now and much more.

As always we’ll be taking your questions and your calls.

We are also announcing the winners to our *Nights in Rodanthe* by Nicholas Sparks Book Contest!

Show Details:

We invite you to join the conversation!

You don’t want to miss this show LIVE! Our call in # is 646-652-4629.

To listen live go to:


Show link:

Show Details:

Sep 9th – Tuesday
9pm ET
Yahoo IM: Navy Wife Radio


Chris Altice served for three-and-a-half years in the Navy as an E-3/aviation ordnanceman, which was his position during the deployment featured in CARRIER. He separated from the Navy in September 2006 and is currently working and planning to attend college full-time. He was born in West Virginia and resides in Virginia, where he grew up.

Christian Garzone has served in the Navy for four years. During the deployment featured in CARRIER, he served as an undesignated airman working in Air Department/V-2 Division. He continues to serve in the Navy; his current position is petty officer third class, mass communications specialist (aviation warfare specialist) based out of Japan. He grew up in upstate New York.



Look for a Part 2 featuring more crew members from the hit PBS series CARRIER.

Christian the Lion

Maybe you are like me and have never heard of this new video sweeping YouTube about a Lion being reunited with his owners after being set free in Africa for a year.

My aunt mentioned it to me the other day and I finally located the video today.

Word of advice, grab a tissue….

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.  😉

New Episode of Hey, Shipwreck!

Pat is really getting fancy with this LONG AWAITED second episode of Hey, Shipwreck!

Funny episode Pat, I like the scene with the missiles in the background and going down the hallway…..getting pretty fancy with the graphics.

I am always forgetting my passwords too! grrr!
Interesting Fact:  On our show Navy Wife Radio, ET1 Pat Hrabe, the creator of Hey, Shipwreck! holds the record for our most downloaded show.

Check these finds out!

My three year old is a space freak.  He lives and breathes anything and everything space related.  (He’s also very into airplanes but right now space has a definite cool factor too it.)  My sister is an elementary school teacher and for Christmas she got him a fantastic DVD all about the space shuttle.  How it is built, what it can with stand, what the scientist do in space, on and on it goes.  Dash-1 has seen it enough times that he can explain what friction is and how water turns to vapors.  Impressive isnt it?  Well last night he came running up to me and showed me the insert to the DVD that he had found in the playroom.  It was the entire collection of The Big Adventure Series.  I had to share with you moms out there what two of the other videos were…. hold on to your hats, this is exciting…..

The Big Aircraft Carrier explores the USS Nimitz complete with landing and takeoff aboard the carrier, explaining how the ship works, what the different folks wearing the different colored shirts do, and just how big the Nimitz really is.  The Big Submarine goes underwater in a Titan Class sub and answers any and all questions kids (and adults) might have about submariners.  I haven’t gotten either DVD yet so I cant give a full review of them but I’m sure its only a matter of time.  I can only imagine that these might be very handy DVD’s for little ones who’s mom or dad is getting ready to hit the seas.