Where are you from?

First I should say that if I havent been around as much in the past few days and continue to be slightly absent in the coming week its got a little something to do with my husband being on leave.  It kinda snuck up on us and we didn’t have much planned so we decided since we were already off to go visit both our respective families.  Fun I know!

How many people have gotten lost on the way to visit their parents?  I’m not talking about missing your exit on the interstate or anything, I’m talking no clue how to get to their house. This happened to us a couple of years back on the way to my inlaws. And to clarify… I was not the one driving. 

I was thinking about this when a friend asked where flyboy was from.  My standard response to this question seems accurate enough, “oh all over I suppose”.  My dear husband was himself a military brat, his father was also a career Marine Corps aviator.  (and just so you know he HATES that term “military brat” with a passion) But really where is he from?

We met in high school because it was close to his dad’s last duty station.  Now that his parents have moved back to where they are from it almost seems like flyboy doesn’t really have a place to go “home” too.  If you ask him where home is he says where we are stationed now.  If you can believe it he’s lived there longest then anywhere else in his life, that and to him, home is where our family is. Very romantic I know.  I’m the exact opposite in some ways.  Home is of course where we live now, after all we are starting our own family and our own traditions, but I also have a home where I grew up.  I spent such a large chunk of my life in one place and only one place.  When I go home to visit my family I am coming home to where I feel familiar and comfortable.  Things have changed over time but the feeling is still there. It’s odd to me that my husband doesn’t have that same comfortable feeling.  He doesn’t seem to mind so much, just like for me with where I am from, growing up that was all he knew.  And he seems relatively well adjusted.  Relatively being the key word….

All I hope is that this time we dont get lost trying to find his parents house! 

Great News!!

My last post I wrote about a little boy named Dillon that really needed our prayers! Well, today he went for his scan and it came back CANCER FREE!! I was so happy to hear about the good news!

You can read about it on his Mother’s blog. Just thought I would give everyone an update. I am just so happy for their family! What a day of rejoicing for them!!

Please, Say Prayers for Little Dillon

Dillon is a little boy who desperately needs our prayers. At 2 1/2 he was diagnosed with a very rare form of Kidney Disease (Only about 25 cases reported per year in the US) 

His little body has endured both Chemotherapy and Radiation of which he has been off of now for 21 months. 

This May 5th he will be going in to have his next set of scans where he will be checked for reoccurrence. This will be the day after his 5th birthday. 

Recently, Dillon has been complaining of tummy aches which is what he did when they found the cancer originally. This of course has really caused concern for his parents and reasonably so.

Please, Please, Please, PRAY for little Dillon and his family. My heart was just crushed to hear his story and the plight of his parents to help their sweet little guy fight such a terrible disease as this cancer. 

Here is the full story from his Mother’s Blog. His father faithfully serves in the US Air Force.

In need…

Wow, two posts in one week, I’m in the game now! Actually, this post comes from one military wife far from home who needs some prayer. Yesterday I was supposed to post a reminder about the Navy Wife Radio show… but instead I was planning a trip back to Colorado to be with my mom. We found out that she has a large mass growing in her abdominal cavity that has caused extreme weight loss, fatigue and all around blah feeling… she just hasn’t felt like herself lately. She has an appointment with an oncologist in Denver at one of the leading hospitals to diagnose whether it is a cancerous tumor or not. As I write this, I have a heavy feeling in my heart knowing she is there and I am over 1,000 miles away… and being the only child, she’s just got my dad… oh and the dog that took my place, Baylee. If you don’t pray, say a couple words to just lift her spirit… but if you do pray, I am asking for prayer. I know this is an odd post to put up but being associated with the military, you find your friends places far and wide… and I know that even if I’ve never met any of you, I still call you friends because you are in the same boat, have been in the same boat or are embarking on the boat that we call our life. And you know, sometimes you just gotta sit and write out how you feel before you can feel any better…

Long awaited pictures…

Sorry it’s taken so long to get pictures up ladies!




Computer Woes and Baby Toes

Wow, so this is the long awaited update. I’ve been MIA for quite a while… geeze, who knew a baby could completely turn your life upside down? Just when I think I have a handle on the art of motherhood, I come falling back to reality and realize I’m far from it.

As if life isn’t hectic enough with a six month old, trying to do the dishes, laundry, mopping the floor or getting a shower in is like trying to prepare for a life altering event. This past few months have been full of busy days, wakeful nights and more busy days… whew! Between trying to apply and get accepted to school (both of which I’ve done successfully) and survive three section duty (although thankful hubby isn’t on deploy or an underway, it’s still rather difficult) mixed with shift work in the yards… I feel like if my head weren’t attached I’d certainly lose it! Continue reading

“Hey Shipwreck” in Today’s Navy Times

Hey, Shipwreck!

Thought this was an interesting thing to post about!! Pat Hrabe’s “Hey Shipwreck!” was featured in today’s Navy Times, along with a number of other Military related animations. 

“Hey Shipwreck” is set to premier it’s 2nd season this Monday, April 14, 2008.

Check it out!