USAA’s Dec. Financial Readiness Digest

As you know we periodically have USAA experts on the NWR show to share timely and money saving advice. Here is more great info….just thought I’d share.


In the December 2007 issue:

Help for Spouses of Deployed Service members
Military Retirement Benefits
Survivor’s Benefit Plan vs. Life Insurance

The new Financial Readiness Digest features answers to real financial questions from military members and their families. The answers, which are provided by June Walbert, a Certified Financial PlannerTM with USAA Financial Planning Services and Lt. Col. in the U.S. Army Reserve, are also featured in her “Ask June” column on

Getting Off the Investing Starting Line

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Shopping for Orders

I recently have had two questions regarding shopping for orders.

Q: When should my husband start negotiating for orders?

A: According to the husband, he recommends 1 year out your husband should start contacting his detailer and checking on his options.

How do I…

Amy Writes:

I am brand new to the military lifestyle. I just got married and moved to a different continent! How do I find out about where the Navy wives club meets? How else do you suggest meeting new friends and getting involved in activities? Most importantly, how am I ever going to get through my husband’s first deployment (I moved out here so we could be together!)??? Thanks for any advice you can give!

Dear Amy,
Congratulations on your marriage! We get this question a lot, so you are not alone.

I have found the best way to get connected to the Spouse/Wives group is contact your Ombudsman, she will have info on FRG/FSG. You can also start with your husbands division. Get to know other wives by asking your husband which guys he gets along with….then reach out to those wives. At command events you can also make a point to meet the wives in the division. Marie and I met on the soccer field and our husbands were not in the same division, so you just never know. There are also groups on MySpace and Yahoo created to connect wives/spouses together. You can do a search for them. Marie has actually done this and had great results when her hubby switched boats. We are working on creating a Forum here, so we can offer that option to our readers.

As far as getting through your first deployment, for me it came down to a state of mind and making a choice to focus on the things I could control. Like keeping busy with work, activities, friends and having a strong faith. To remember that I had a life before my husband and that although I missed him terribly, he was not the source of my happiness. God was my source for happiness, joy and comfort. I used the time to concentrate on other things vs. just sitting home miserable. I have met many wives/spouses who were better at this than others. On any given day I myself was better or worse at this too. I gave myself permission to have tough days, I also gave myself persmission to have fun, travel and do things that I would have much rather done with my husband. He was much happier at sea knowing I was taking care of myself and enjoying life vs. miserable and something he had to worry about.

Everyone has different ways to cope.

I am hoping our readers will also chime in in the comments section to share how they adjusted to married life, made friends, contacts at a new duty station and how they delt with their first deployment and what they have learned since.

Amy, welcome to the Navy family/sisterhood!

Submarine Pay

Teddy Roosevelt


Should Teddy Roosevelt be the patron saint of submariners? Roosevelt was the first American President to go aboard a submarine and to make a dive. Roosevelt ventured beneath the waters of Long Island Sound aboard USS Plunger (SS 2) on March 25, 1905. Plunger was the United States’ second submarine, commissioned in September 1903.

Beyond this historical first, however, is the fact that Roosevelt was the man directly responsible for submarine pay. The Naval hierarchy in 1905 considered submarine duty, neither unusual nor dangerous, and classified it as shore duty. Therefore, submariners received twenty-five percent less pay than sailors going to sea in Destroyers, Cruisers and similar surface ships.

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