Sick and Tired of being…. Sick and Tired

First I would like to apologize for being absent and non-existent on this board. It’s been an uphill trek the past few months.

For the past year my daughter has been 22lbs… really no give or take. She is now almost 2 1/2 years old, and since she was 1 year 2 months she has been the same weight. So naturally we’ve been concerned. We went to the base clinic at-least once a month about her weight and the only answer we got was that she was just petite (her eating habits were very odd, she would only take a few bites of food each meal). This concerned me, but when she got sick and was put on Amoxicillin and had an allergic reaction…. a severe allergic reaction and the base clinic brushed us off and gave her Benadryl, and we ended up in the ER two times. I said enough was enough and decided to switch to a civilian doctor. Continue reading


Compass:N. 1. navigational instrument for finding directions

 Have you ever sat in the back of a deployment meeting looking around to see if you were the only one that didn’t understand some or even most of what was being said? Or have you gone to a Family Support Group Meeting with questions but came hoome with them unanswered… or better yet you didn’t even go to your Family Support Group Meeting because you have heard all kinds of negative things about those kind of groups?

If the above sounds like you, or if you have been a seasoned military spouse and still have questions or feel like you might have answers to share, come out and Join a 3 day COMPASS class.

COMPASS is a course that is put on by Naval Services FamilyLine.  It is a a Spouses mentoring Spouses program, and like the definition above, this program is an instrument for finding directions in this crazy military life.

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Long Time No See!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve got a ton going on.  Just a few things on my list of things that I’ve been doing are:

-Surgery Recovery (Going great by the way)

-Looking to buy a house (what a headache at times, but I’m sure it will be worth it in the end.)

-Volunteering for COMPASS (The most wonderful program Navy Spouses have to offer to other spouses!)

-Volunteering for Crafts and Conversation at Kings Bay Sub base Chapel.  (A fantastic program running on Thursday Mornings for military spouses, with free child care offered at the CDC!!)

-Going back to night school (I had to stop going for a few months prior to and after my surgery)

-I lost my Grandmother the day after my surgery. (She had Cancer but past away because of a heart attack) I had to go up to South Dakota shortly after my surgery.

-We lost a cat that I’ve had since I was 14.  He had a lot of health complications, so it was probably for the best.

– We got a new puppy and before that adopted another cat (I know we are crazy!)

-We’ve had family visiting almost non-stop for multiple reasons

-Oh and I also started doing an at home study diploma program. 

-And I’ve been working for my Dad from home to make a little extra cash 

Hubby, luckily has been home since his short TAD in December and hopefully will not go anywhere for a while. 

While my plate is full, since my surgery I have been feeling really good.  It’s still amazing to me that Tricare paid in full for my surgery!   That has to be the best thing I’ve ever gotten out of Tricare.   There is no way I would have been able to afford it any other way. 

Speaking of my surgery; recovery has been going well.  I have almost no open wounds, just a few spots still healing.  Besides that it seems that all is going great!  My only problems are stretching and lifting, those two things still are a little sore to do.  I haven’t been very active since the surgery and that has become a bit of a problem…. I’ve gained some weight.  So now the goal is to start working out! 

Luckily the base gym has just started a mommy and me class!!  I think I’m going to check that out when things settle down a bit!  

OK well I am going to try to stay up to date and be active on here again!  I’m sorry that I’ve been out of the loop; I look forward to catching up on everything I’ve missed.

A day of Firsts

Today was a day of firsts for me. 

 Today I went in to the plastic surgeon’s office and finally got my drainage tubes taken out. YAY!!  Today was the first day I have felt like a normal person!!   Today was the first day that I have ever shopped for camisole, I simply couldn’t fit into one before.  And Today was the first day that I have actually worn a camisole.  LOL

I know it sounds like such a dorky thing to be happy about, but this is coming from someone who rarely could even find a bra that actually fit correctly. 

 What a feeling, Its like a weight has been lifted off of me.  I have no regrets what so ever.  And I want to tell anyone who is thinking about getting a breast reduction to Go For It..  There are few words to describe how I actually feel since having the surgery.  Of course I’ve had a lot of pain and awkwardness since the surgery, but I would have double the pain and awkwardness if it was needed to bring the same results from this surgery.

I’ve still got a long ways to go until I’m fully healed, but until them I’m happy with the results I have so far.


Back from my Surgery!

Hello all,

Just wanted to give every one an update.  I left for the hospital today at 4:30am  I got there around 6am and was taken in back around 6:30.  From there I undressed and got my IV and signed all kinds of paperwork.  My parents and husband came back to sit with me and about 1 hour later my Surgen came back and marked me up.   While I was waiting I kept falling asleep becase I hadn’t gotten much sleep the night of new years and I went to bed really late last night.  

 So when it was time for me to go back to the OR I was really tired and only half awake.  As soon as I got back there I was shivering because the room was only about 40degrees.  So they laid me on the table and put blankets over me.  Then I got drugs that knocked me out. 

 I don’t remeber anything after that and I also don’t remember much after waking up.  Infact I didn’t really wake up untill about an hour after I was home.  I’ve been sleeping on and off all day and even now I’m falling asleep as I type. 

I’m about half of the size I was before and I can actually touch the skin above my belly, which I wasn’t able to do with out lifting up my chest before.  Besides that I can’t really even tell what I look like because I’m so bandaged up. 

I feel ok, just sore and very tired.  I’m not sure how many days I have left for painkillers but I’ll tell you what… I really hope I don’t stop taking them anytime soon.  lol

 On Friday I have an apointment and I’ll update more than. 

Thanks for reading!!

7 Days until my surgery!

I wonder how it will go, I’m excited.  I had my Pre-Op on the 2oth and it went well, we just went over procedure and healing info.  All I’m waiting for is a call from the hospital where my procedure is going to take place, With that call I will be getting the time of my appointment and any last minute info that is needed.  Wish me luck!!!

My Holiday Tip…

If you end up having to clean your tree up off your floor this christmas, and your vacume refuses to pick up.  Try cleaning out all the hoses before you decide to buy your self a new vacume for christmas.    

Happy Holidays!