Passing on the Memories


So, I was standing in the kitchen prepping to make a pizza together with the kids. (One of our favorite things to do together as a family). My son comes up to me after using the restroom with the latest copy of “Plane and Pilot” Magazine in his hands (yes, my four year old son already knows how to sit on the “Can” and read magazines. Thanks Hubs for that one!) and pointing at the cover he asks me, “Mommy, what kind of plane is this?” I look at the blue prop plane and think out loud, HMMM, well, it looks like an older plane, World War II, I think it maybe German, No, it cannot be”(I knew it in my gut), but I so distinctly remember hearing the word “Spitfire” being said in a loud German accent. Wait a minute it is BRITISH!! That is right… I think it is a Spitfire son. (Too many world war two movies with dad). I thought to myself, ” So that is why I thought German when I saw the plane”. You see, when an enemy plane would come their way they would point and yell in their thick German accents, “SSH-PIT-FI-ARE!” (at least in all of the movies I saw that is what they did). The Germans feared this plane and it was a close adversary to the Messerschmitt, both awesome planes of their time. 

Anyways, I laughed to myself that here I was a mother making pizza with her kids and I’m rattling off World War Two planes to my 4 year old son (not the norm I know).  But having an Aviator for a father and someone who I constantly remember looking to the skies with as a child kind of puts this oddity into perspective I suppose. We would watch a plane go bye and he would rattle off the name of the plane or the type of plane it was. I never really gave it much thought growing up. It was just the norm for us to go flying and constantly watching literally hundreds of war documentaries and old dog fight movies. (My earliest memory of my 1st war movie was, “ToraToraTora!”) This strong sense of history was truly my father’s passion. Something he has loved for longer than I can even remember. It really had me in deep thought. This was something that he shared with me almost daily and really in a sense something he passed on to me.
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Relatable Transparency

I read Just a Girl in Port’s post below and it started to get my wheels a turnin’. So here is my response to her post. Thanks so much for sharing your feelings here and being so “Transparent”

Here is what I wrote:

OH My GOODNESS! I feel like you just described me in detail! Everything down to the T! My eyes are actually tearing up over this. Not in a bad way but in a happy way because I don’t feel alone in my thoughts and feelings.

I love the stay at home life but I miss the power and “in control” feeling of my past professional career. I was single during that time too and when I tried the whole career thing again with two small children it just wasn’t the same for me as it was when I was single. Maybe when they are older it will be different.

I have had the whole June Cleaver fantasies too! HA HA! I LOVE to entertain but it seems these days everyone is too busy with their own lives to be graced with my entertaining abilities. LOL!

Some days, I too just sit down for a good cry and wonder why did I marry into the military. I told my husband I didn’t want the military life for my own and didn’t want to raise a family like this but I know deep down that no matter how much I want to pass the blame on him for marrying me and giving me this life. I signed the marriage papers, said the vows and well, sometimes true love makes the choices for you and “calls the shots”. I know I love him more than anything and love seems to have that affect on most of us.

I also know deep down in my heart that I am so PROUD of what he does and I have come to the realization that I can either embrace this life that has come to be my own or fight it, The second choice just brings depression, despair and discontentment. Embracing what we have and appreciating the life we have and call our own is much easier to come to “terms” with.

I still have my days when I feel as though I could curse the day he chose to re-enlisted for yet another six year and how I cannot stand being away from family etc etc etc. 

However, convinced of the reality that this IS my life delusional by love or not. I still chose it just as much as he did. What we share is very real and there are so many numerous & wonderful things that we can discover when we take our eyes off of ourselves and our self  loathing and actually realize that as a Military Family we have so much more opportunity in this life than most people will ever see or do in a lifetime.

We are always going to have “Those Days” but life never promises to be roses, peaches and cream. If we look at each day as a new opportunity to be a blessing to someone else, an encouragement or a help. We will then begin to see the positive benefits our “Military life” affords us. It is certainly something we can find much joy in and truly find peace and contentment with despite the “quirks”!

Thanks for being so real and so “Transparent”! It really has been an inspiration to me in so many ways and this spouse can completely RELATE to you! HUGS!

Some Positive News for IA Families

The Navy has been listening to it’s Sailor’s requests and concerns about having a specific command that heads off and deals Solely with IA Deployments.

Read the details here about what the Navy is doing in regard to it’s Sailor’s concerns:

So We’re Going IA…

I just found out that my husband will be going IA. He just recently returned from a 6-month deployment, left again for a surge (which are usually around 3-4 months of time) and then will come home for an undisclosed short amount of time and goes again for a year immediately following. Since, I just found out about it I am currently devastated. 

Normally, (not during war time) after a regular deployment the Navy will give an 18-month turn around between deployments. After it is all said and done, in roughly 2 years of time my husband will be gone 1 year and 9 months. He will be home for 3 months in two years. I know we are military and this is what we should expect but it still hit me with some force! (To say the least)

At least it will make for some good writing!  I will write more on this later! Just had to share my sad (for me) news! 😦