Ben Stein’s – The Real Stars

The book The Real Stars on Amazon.

The first time I read Ben Steins last column in his Mondays at Mortons bi-weekly column for E!Online I was shocked and touched someone “in hollywood” had such an affection for the military.

It made its away through the blogsphere and “email” lists with a ferver. I forwarded it to everyone I knew.

Now he has a book out that I can’t wait to read! It’s a tribute to the fine men and women in uniform. All proceeds go towards charity.

Sea Legs for the Navy Family

… A handbook to Navy Life and Services. Here is another one of those free books from FamilyLine that I was talking about a few posts ago. This book is GREAT for the new Navy spouse or even for a seasoned spouse.

This book covers Pay, Benefits, and Opportunities, Deployment, Support services, Naval Acronyms and much more! The first edition of Sea Legs was written in 1966 and it was written for the spouses of active-duty; now Sea Legs contains information and tips that can also help sailors, parents, fiancées and many others.

I enjoy this book because it goes into depth about the simple things that many of us don’t think about. For example: “ID Cards One of the most important things a military family must do is sign up for a Uniformed Services identification and Privilege card (ID card). An ID card allows you access to the base, commissary, exchange, military hospitals and clinics, and almost all the general areas on naval installations. Note that your ID card has an expiration date and should be renewed a couple of days early.” It goes on to list who qualifies and steps on how to get your ID card.

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Social Customs and Traditions of the Sea Services

I would like to do an overview of some very specific Navy books that may be of help to some of our wives.  And the best part is that you can get these books for free!  I’ll provide the link at the end of each of my overviews. 

The first book that I’m going to tell you about is called Social Customs and Traditions of the Sea Services , this book and the others are produced by Naval Services FamilyLine .


This book covers everything from the History of Sea Service Traditions, to Etiquette, to how to address every rank in different situations. Below you will find a few things that they cover in this book, see if you can figure out the answer before reading on. 


Do you know the names of the service songs for each service?

Do you know what a Wetting Down Party is?

What does the term ‘Regrets only’ means?

What is COMPASS?

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Summer Reading

Shopaholic and Baby
We are big readers at our house. In fact when people come over they almost always say, “wow, you guys have a lot of books.” In my effort to not buy as many books, I’ve decided to start using our local library. At some point we are going to have to move again, and since we pretty much almost maxed out our weight allowance last time I figure I need to rethink buying every book I want to read.

Visiting the library this summer has become one of our favorite destinations. We’ve been going at least every two weeks, and sometimes every week. I don’t think I ever used our library at our last duty station but a hand full of times. I’m wondering why I haven’t been doing this sooner.

Recently I finished reading “Shopaholic and Baby” by Sophie Kinsella.

One of my favorite books, that I am always telling everyone they need to read (including Marie) is The Undomestic Goddess, written by the same author. I know there are other books in this series and I am sort of starting backwards. When you first walk into our library they have the “New Release” section, you can’t miss it. This book caught my eye and my interest so I figured I’d read the others out of order. Oh Well. Since it was on the 7 day check-out list, I had no choice but to finish it right away. I think I finished it in 3 days, it was hard to put down.

Without giving to much away the basic plot of the book is:

Set in London, the main character “Becky Bloomwood” is set on going to the celebrity ob/gyn and is successful at getting an appointment, only to later discover the ob/gyn is her husbands ex-girlfriend. Yep, it only gets better from there.

This book is great for lazy summer days. It is funny, well written and a little quirky. I’m not a “fashionista” like this character is, however it is still an entertaining read.

I read very little fiction, so for me……a book must do a very a good job at keeping my interest and this one is just the ticket.

Check it out today!!

Have you read it?? Share your thoughts….

Navy Wife Radio – LIVE Tonight 9pm ET – Follow Your Dreams While You Follow the Military!

Update: This show is now available via the archives listen here

Holly Scherer and Kathie Hightower
July 17th – Holly Scherer and Kathie Hightower – Authors of Help! I’m a Military Spouse. Kathie and Holly also put on seminars around the country called “Follow Your Dreams While You Follow the Military”.

I met Kathie and Holly at a spouse conference in San Diego back in May. I was so impressed by them and their message that I couldn’t wait to introduce them to all of you!

These two are all about possibilities! Have you been thinking about finding a job, or changing careers??….or maybe starting or going back to school?? Need to reduce stress? These two have interviewed hundreds of military spouses and have a unique and geniune interest in helping military spouses find and achieve their dreams while they follow their husband / spouse around the globe.

They have a lot to say, a lot of wisdom and can really help you set and define your goals. This show is sure to be a classic that you will want to replay over and over.

Whether you are a new military spouse or a “been there done that” spouse, you can learn something from these two amazing women.

Tonight show is all about “Living Better & Being Better!”

Join us LIVE at 9pmET!

We welcome your phone calls. Our call # is 646-652-4629.

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July 17th
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Music Credit: On this episode we will feature the song: “Is This Love” by Thomas Anderson now available on iTunes.

Navy Wife Radio Welcomes Tanya Biank

Update: This show is now available via the archives listen here

Lifetime TV Army Wives 

Click above for videos featuring “real Army wives”, behind of the scenes of “Army Wives”, and more….

This week Navy Wife Radio welcomes Army Wife, author and journalist, Tanya Biank. If you’ve been watching the TV series “Army Wives” on Lifetime, then be sure to tune into our interview with Tanya on Tuesday night at 9pmET. Her book “Army Wives – The Unwritten Code of Military Marriage” is the basis for the TV Series. Originally released in hard back under the name “Under the Sabers”, the book is available via and other online retailers.

Join us for a candid conversation with Tanya about her writing, military life, being a new mom and more.

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July 10th
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Music Credit: On this episode we featured the song: “Is This Love” by Thomas Anderson now available on iTunes.

Sarah Smiley on Navy Wife Radio Jun 12th!

Sarah Smiley

Update:  13 Jun 07 – You can listen to the Sarah Smiley interview via the archives on demand!!  Click here to listen or go

Sarah Smiley is coming to Navy Wife Radio Tues, June 12th. We’ll be talking about her book GOING OVERBOARD: The Misadventures of a Military Wife and her column Shore Duty. Sarah’s life rights were recently optioned by Kelsey Grammer’s company, Grammnet, and Paramount Television. A half-hour sitcom based on her columns and book is now in development.

We’ll be talking about all this and how she juggles being a mom of three!

We have already received some comments and questions for Sarah and we want yours also!

You can leave us a comment here, or send us an email on our About page.

We’ll also be taking your IM’s and calls LIVE tomorrow night at 9pm EST.

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June 12th
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