Its a glamorous life.

I am highly frusrated. The security drills are this week and it is ruining my birthday!! I can’t even have friends over because non-dependant civilians are not allowed on base!! HOW LAME IS THAT!! I’m going out this weekend with some girlfriends but my actual birthday is on Thursday.

Speaking of my birthday, my husband and his behind the scenes shopping team got together and sent me the most amazing bag I have ever seen in my life (okay except for a red Rafe New York bag that I will probably never own due to its not so fabulous price tag of $300). Exhibit A:

Its almost MARCH! Which means I am coming up on TWO MONTHS! Which means I am getting closer to the halfway point of our first deployment. My parents and brother are visiting me from Georgia in April. I think it will be fun, they get to see my house and I can show them around base (you know because its so fabulous and cool to live on a military base). My mom is such a civilian. She gets excited when I come home because she wants me to take her to the Nex. My dad is going to be hanging curtains for me and I think it will be bulk pickup time so they are going to help me get rid of some crap I have stuffed in a storage closet. And the ever-growing pile of cardboard boxes in my garage. Its one of those things your husband keeps telling you he’s going to do and then he conveniently deploys. “OH! I totally forgot, with the deployment and all.” Uh huh.. likely story. So in celebration of March, I have updated my page with a few St. Patties type graphics (if you are ever curious as to where I get these adorable graphics, please visit MR LAYOUTS and tell her Hilly sent you ). My husband’s family is Irish and born in March (my husband, not his whole family..), so his birthday package is all St. Patties Day themed. I drew shamrocks all over it in green and white paint markers (these are the best for decorating cardboard boxes) and put confettie in it and green tissue paper. My family (well the half I claim) is Italian. Why don’t we have an Italian holiday??

Grif has discovered shoes. As I sit here there is black flipflop rubber covering my livingroom. He looks so sad when I tell him “NO!” Maverick even joined in and helped him tear up one of my silver ones. I am still having trouble getting him to understand that just because I am not at the door when he is there that does not mean he should pee in front of the door. But I hardly ever catch him in the act so punishment is futile. I am so sick of cleaning it up and I can’t even begin to tell you how quickly I go through paper towels. I need those ShamWOW things. I just love that comercial! “We can’t do this all day!” Neither can I Vince, neither can I.


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