Rough week.

I don’t know whether it was hormones, Valentines day for the fact that tomorrow will be one month since I hugged my husband, but this past week was a rough one. I was sad and a little depressed, but mostly just angry and frustrated. Frustrated with myself for not working harder at the gym, frustrated that its only been a month and it feels like its been three. Angry that we don’t get to spend our 21st birthdays together (we are ten days apart.. I am older!). And really angry that we are missing our one year anniversary, but being together and being married. Its the kind of thing you knew about ahead of time but it doesn’t really make you angry until it happens. And then I just got sad that I couldn’t do anything about it.

This week is already turning out to be better though. I had a group workout tonight and it started out really rough becuase I haven’t pushed myself enough lately, and because I had to do a lot of arm stuff .. and because I had to jump rope and I kept tripping myself!! But once we got doing other stuff it got better and I actually did a lot of situps, which I didn’t even know I could do.. that right there tells you how pathetic I was. I could do a situp and didn’t even know it! I could do several situps! I updated my workout blog so you will have to check it out for some more info on my progess.

My husband sent me an email and let me know he got his pacakge from me. He loved it, and that just made me so happy! Like the happiest I’ve been in a long time. I’m already working on his birthday package (his birthday is March 8!) and I’m stirring up ideas for his anniversary package. So when I think about it in packages, things seem to be going quickly.

My parents and brother are also flying out to see me in April. I was going there but with my furry children its easier for them to come here.. and besides, I’ve been there before. Nothing interesting about that! My husband is bummed because he wanted to be here to take them to the hangar and other things that seem mundane to him but are cool to other people.

So that’s an update on me! I’ve been so bad about getting on here, I’m sorry about that! I’m seriously going to try harder!!


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