Woo Hoo

Halfway through shore duty and we’ve already got people fighting for hubby to take a specific set of orders.

This has been a hot topic for us because hubby and I have gone around and around about going back to a boat. He was invited to go back to a boat last summer, and I encouraged him to leave shore duty early and take it. But after a month of going back and forth on the idea (and a lot of pressure from his buddies at work) he decided not to take it. So we thought that was our last chance to get the command that we wanted… well I thought that at least.

But just a few days ago, hubby called me very excited! He told me that he got a call from someone he worked with in the past and they asked him if he still wanted to go to this boat when his shore duty was up. He responded with ‘of-course’, and he was told he would be called right back.

Well turns out, the guy called hubby’s detailer and told him how he wants hubby at that command when his shore duty is up. The detailer said OK and penciled him in!!

Its not every day that this happens! But get this; another guy he worked with in the past got wind that this happened and now hubby is being fought over for which division he’s actually going to work in at the new command! Can you believe that; lol!

Now we aren’t getting our hopes up to high that it all works out, because we know that orders change! But it’s really cool that we have a good chance of getting what we want!

I never knew that hubby was in such demand, lol! I guess it pays having a good network! Just thought I’d share!

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