Valentine’s Day Care Packages.


Valentine’s day is one of those special days that you really want to share with your spouse!! But for some of us, our spouses are deployed, TAD, or a Geo-bachelor and are a way from us.  But don’t fret!! You can still share this holiday with your spouse or significant other. 


Send a care package!!!  This is one of the best times of the year to go all out and do a themed care package.  Below are some ideas to get you started, and don’t worry if it arrives a little late. Remember it’s the thought that counts!




-Take an ordinary pillow case and get some iron on photo transfer paper and print out some photos of you and the family!  Add some perfume or your sailor/soldier’s favorite scent and pack it in a Ziploc bag to preserve the smell.  It’s an instant visual and scent memory of home. You can iron on the pictures on the inside of the pillow case if you’re worried about the command wanting the racks to look uniform.


– Take some handkerchiefs and iron on pictures to them, or have the kids make hand prints or paint pictures on them with fabric paint.  Your sailor/soldier can carry these around in his pocket, something he doesn’t have to worry about incase it gets wet or something!  You can also send these in a Ziploc bag with a scent on it. 


– Of course candy, cookies, chips, cracker, cake snacks, etc!!  Just beware of items possibly melting or spending a long time in a holding area before getting to the sailor/soldier.


– Make a mixed CD or thumb drive (if they have their own computer), remember in school how you made your own  mixed Tape or CD of your favorite songs (is that still big, lol.  I’m starting to feel old and I only graduated 9 years ago).  Make a theme of love songs and songs that you two as a couple liked to listen too.  I used to draw silly pictures on my tapes and CDs to personalize it!


– Send little toys and trinkets that represent Valentines Day!  Everyone still loves to play with toys, come on you know it!! Send stuff that can put a smile on their face and that they can share with others.


– Don’t forget Cards and letters, in today’s email crazy time a good handwritten letter can mean so much.  And if you send one it is like a ‘wink and nudge’ to your spouse and you may get a handwritten letter back (note: you may actually have to spell it out in your letter that you want a hand written response…. Some guys just need the ‘wink and nudge’ explained to them. LOL). 


– Make a list of why you love your spouse, or what makes you smile about them.


– If you have time find a place that can put images on insulated coffee cups, and have it personalized in addition to the picture.


– Send something that is specific to what your spouse likes, for example a PSP Game, or a New CD from his favorite artist


-And last of all instead of using packing material to make the box secure inside use socks, boxers, and t-shirts to make the box tight (take them out of the packaging and use a pair or two to pack, its ok if you don’t use a whole pack just set the rest aside for the next package you send).  No matter where your sailor/soldier is deployed they can always use new CLEAN socks, boxers/underwear, and t-shirts.


I hope that his has gotten you started!! Please share your additional Ideas!! 

3 Responses

  1. Check out They have awesome care packages. I am not in the military (my boy from high-school is in the Marines), but my mom sends them to me all the time and they are great. You should check and see if they ship overseas…

    Good luck and hopefully they will send one to your deployed soilder!

  2. Hi…. I came over from JM’s Military Mommies (lamamandeux). Just wanted to say that I’m totally bookmarking this! Thanks for all the ideas… I never would have thought about the socks/boxers/tshirts idea! Thanks a bunch!

  3. This is great! Thanks for the wonderful ideas. Our soldiers deserve to be rewarded.

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