In my own little corner..

When I lived at home with my parents I pretty much lived in my room. I had a computer, a tv and a snack stash.. what more did I need?

My husband is deployed. Officially. Not detatched, not on training, not working late.. he is deployed. And I have prepared my bedroom for hours of living without having to leave. I keep expecting my father to walk by my door and go, “Are you depressed? Why do you never leave your room?”

The truth, I am not depressed. I am doing really well actually. Granted I’ve done this part before. A friend of mine who’s man is also on a carrier said to me, “You will do fine when he leaves. Its the day you realize its been past six weeks and he isn’t coming home for four more months that will be a problem.” And she is exactly right. All those little detatchments that I thought were so good to help us get ready are now turning six months into six years. So I have made a list of some things that take longer than six months.

-Pregnancey : no no, not pregnant here.. just sayin.. it takes a while!

-Highschool : that actually took four years and I never thought I’d make it.

-Marraige : Okay I love my husband but there have been moments that I swore one of us was about to die.

-Nursing assistant internship : lasted a year, every day. I realize there are people with a passion that is the elderly or incapable. But my passion is not the bodily secretions of those to whom I am not related.

-Perms: Never had a perm but I’ve been there for some right out of a Stephen King novel.

-Every bad relationship I’ve ever had : I dated the same jerk for two and a half years, previous relationship having lasted almost two. However, my husband and I dated for three months. Go figure.

So these are just a few, and if you have some I would love to hear them! The thing that makes this deployment so hard is how much I enjoy my life with my husband. Every moment of my life, even the mundane ones, is enriched by his company. I miss him so much, and it will be difficult living the next six months thinking about how much fun our life is together, and how much I love doing anything and everything with him. I can’t wait until my husband is home!


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  1. My husband’s last deployment started in my last month of pregnancy. I am going to say the first 6 months of my son’s life made that deployment go by quickly. Life was just one big blur. I also grouped it mentally month to month like I did with bills… It always seemed like the next bills were due right around the corner making it another month down! Good luck. My hubby just returned and we are less than 18 months out from our next deployment.

  2. Mine just headed out for his second Sand tour – the last one was 22 months (6 month trainup in Mississipp!) I’m in the first 2 weeks… hasn’t really hit home yet.


  3. We are about to leave shore duty and return to sea. This is a good list..
    I would add raise a teenager! It takes years and years. At least I will have that to keep me busy..

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