Turkey First Timer

Hello my Military e-family! I know I was absent but I promise it was not without leave. 🙂 My husband has returned to me and we have just been enjoying being a married couple. We bought our Thansgiving groceries today! I am not exactly cullinarily challenged but I haven’t done a lot of cooking in my few years on this earth. We put together a menu based on our favorite turkey day dishes.. his first suggestion was to FRY the turkey (mental image of a mushroom cloud in my backyard). I guess his dad fries turkey and it is just ooh so delicous.. well thanks Dad but we will save that deep fried delight for Thanksgiving at your house. My dad smokes the turkey.. and um. That takes about 24 hours. I am not a patient person and I will not be waking up every two hours to check on it. So the oven it is, and I found a “do nothing” recipe (literally that is what is is called) from our favorite food channel. Cooking a turkey is kind of overwhelming to me. I mean its okay if the cranberry sauce falls apart out of its can but if you ruin the turkey that’s kind of the end of the parade! We have a gas stove, and I’ve grown up with electric and I don’t think I like the gas. When you put a pan on a gas stove, it will continue to heat up no matter if your flame is on low. Its like cooking on a fire. On an electric, it will cut on and off to keep the right temperature. So things burn easily.. on my gas stove.. I burn things.. anyway. Also, in the oven things cook faster than in an electric and at lower temperatures. So I’m going to have to make some adjustments. So we will see how this goes. Whatever happens I am sure it will make some great memories! 🙂


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