Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead!

I can’t say I am not a skeptic.  But I have watched this woman on Lifetime quite a bit and tonight I saw her speak to a Marine who had fallen and give closure to his wife.  Lisa Williams is a medium and clairevoyant.  She is nothing like what you think of when you think of getting a “reading.”  She has an office like a hip therapist would.  Its bright and cheery and she herself is bright and cheery.  There is no holding of hands, no candles.  I wanted to post this, and the link to the episode I spoke of and present the question to you.  Would you go to her if you lost a loved one?  I don’t know that that would make me a full-on believer.  But I can imagine feeling such a loss that I would do anything to get to him.

You need to watch the first to parts of episode one to get the full interview with the Marine’s wife!


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