Help a Marine be with his family.

I am posting this letter in hopes that everyone who comes across this site will read it and be touched by it and do one simple thing about it:  email it to the Attorney General of Louisiana, who’s email I have provided.  Basically, a US Marine who is stationed in 29 Palms cannot bring his wife, son and step daughter to live with him because his step daughter’s father is not letting her be taken out of state.  I know his wife personally through a support group for military s/os.  This letter explains much more so please read it and put yourself in his shoes.  The more emails or letters that are sent the more attention that is put on the situation.  If you know of anyone who you think could help this family, please forward it to them as well.

“I am from New Iberia, La. Here is a basic rundown of my situation. I am a U.S. Marine stationed in 29
Palms California. I am married to Bridget Frank who resides in Monroe, LA with our son Cayden and my step-daughter Kaylee. My wife has had a court order put against her not allowing her to leave the Parish of Ouachita with her daughter until final judgment has been decided on our case. Before we
were married, the ex-husband, Kahyon Sciara, had made a verbal agreement to allow Bridget to move to California with Kaylee in return of him no longer having to pay child support. Right before we got married he changed his mind and decided that he no longer agreed to let her move kaylee out of the state
and filed a restriction on her via the court restricting her from moving out of state or even leaving the parish with her daughter. Since all of this has taken place, my wife and I have had a child of our own and she is currently  still residing in Monroe trying her hardest to raise both minor children on her own. We have had numerous court dates set to resolve this matter in the mean time. The first time she went to court was last November. The court was put into a temporary recess so that the judge could get an order for the ex-husband’s medical records to show proof that he had attempted to commit suicide and was placed under psychiatric care. That again was November of 2007. There we a few other court dates set up between then and now, however, they have all been canceled for reasons unknown to myself or my wife. We
have spoken to our lawyer, Brian Allen, on numerous occasions about trying to get the court order dropped so that she could at least come out to California while waiting for the new court date and the only response we ever get is that he would have to have a conference call with the judge and the other attorney, Ronnie Cook. This is a process that has seemed to have  taken the better part of the past year with no resolution. We have even tried to talk to the ex-husband and get him to keep his daughter for a couple weeks so that my wife could come out to California just to visit and let me see my son and he would not even take his daughter for that short amount of time. He doesn’t want her to move, but, while she is there he
doesn’t do anything extra to spend the time with her anyway. He, by order of the court, has her every weekend, ever other holiday, and 3 months during the summer but has yet to get her at all during the summertime or any other time except for the weekends. I have proudly served my country for the last
10 years of my life serving combat tours in Iraq, defending the freedom of all Americans, spilling blood, sweat, tears, fighting through injuries, receiving the Purple Heart, Combat Valor awards, loosing great brothers and friends in war, and now I’m back in this great nation and it seems like my country isn’t doing anything for me. All I want is to be with my family, raise my children, and continue serving with the pride that I have served with over the last 10 years. Over the last three years I have only been able to spend a total of about 3 months worth of time with my wife. Since returning from Iraq over a year ago the only time we have had together is the two separate occasions I went to Louisiana, once right after our son was
born. Being in the Military, I am not sure if I’ll be called upon again to go back overseas and fight in the next week, month, or year. Postponing our court date for a few months at a time may not be a big deal to a man who goes home to his family every night but could be the difference of me ever getting the chance to see my family again at all. I plead for anyone who may be of any assistance to help me and my family out in this matter. I don’t believe it is too much to ask just to be given the chance to hold my baby son, hug my wife after a long days work, and raise my children in the manner that God intended for them to be raised. My children don’t deserve to be put through this. For anyone who took the time to actually read this letter I
thank you from the bottom of my heart for spending the time to hear this and I pray that you may know somebody who can help me and my family through this hard time.”


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  1. Many prayers for this family during these trying times. I understand to a degree what this family is going through as I am going through a similar custody situation of a sibling. May the Lord bless them and give them the strength to carry on.

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