From the mouth of babes

I am learning that almost everything that comes out of the mouth of Dash-1, my very extroverted 3 1/2 year old, requires explanation on my part.  And it often leaves me wishing that we lived in an area with a larger military presence with some of the stuff that comes out of his mouth then maybe when people smile and nod they’d really mean it. 

Rather then do the whole smile, nod, and slowly back away.

My dear flyboy has been working 16 hour days this week while down at the rife range, I mentioned in passing to the boys that daddy would be working very hard this week.  Dash-1 wanted to know if he was flying, I explained that he would be on the ground doing something else.  I’m not sure how flyboy explained the rifle range to him but during a trip to the library Dash-1 walked right up to the librarians desk and with a very straight face told her. “My daddy is shooting guns right now.  Big guns.” After a pause he added, “and he’s very good.”  Then he walked away. 

I should add that he has a strange habit of sometimes squinting his eyes and turning his head while he speaks so that it seems like he’s giving you the evil eye while talking to you. 

The librarian just looked from him to me.  She called after him to ask him if his daddy was a police man.  He nodded no which REALLY caused her to look to me for an answer.  So I explained.  It was cute really, he was proud of his daddy, but it was a smidge awkward. 

Then comes the first real day of school for him.  The first day to be left all by his lonesome.  It went pretty well until the teachers asked me to review some snacks because of his allergy.  So when he saw me standing around he lost it. Full water works.  And then came the daddy angle.  He started asking if daddy would be home when he came home from school and I quote, “if daddy would be staying for a while or if he would just be going again like he always does.”  I’m pretty sure all the moms were staring at me with that one. 

In case you were wondering we are the only military at the preschool.

Ah to be around a bunch of others like us.  Seldom when we go down to the larger base and dash-1 breaks out with one of his comments is there a need to explain.  When I was visiting family down at Parris Island or when I run over to Quantico when I’m at my folks, I’m around a bunch of people like me.  Other moms who balance being mom and dad too much of the time and who are trying to figure out this parenting military kids thing just as I am.  Its comforting really.  And so much less explaining.

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  1. aww…. it’s nice that Dash-1 is so proud of his dad but…oh, I bet it causes a LOT of extra work on your part to explain things.

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