So apparently it takes talent to play softball…

As a ball was flying right towards my face, I was thinking to my self ‘you know I don’t think I’m any good at softball’.  My natural reaction was to duck, and of course there goes the ball flying by my head. ….   I thought this was a good idea, when I signed up for the co-ed team on base.. After all its just for fun… right?

Well monday night was our first game and lets just say…. we need more practice. 

Our team started out a little odd… It started out with a post a handful of months ago on asking if anyone was interested in playing softball.   Well that post went dormant, and I brought the subject back up (I, the person who has never really played a game of softball in my life. )  ‘Lets get a team together, it’s gonna be alot of fun’…  LOL well I don’t really consider a guy hitting a ball down the line to third base so fast that I barely had enough time to duck, fun.   Don’t ask me why I didn’t put my glove up to catch the ball, I just don’t think I had much time to do anything other than let my instincts take over. 

So with that game over and our team loosing, very badly; I’m wondering what ever got in to me. LOL  Don’t get me wrong, I’m really enjoying my self out there.  But I guess I didn’t think we needed that much talent to play a little ball.  After all we are just a group of people getting to gether, some of us have played for years and others are like me, are new to the sport.  When we inquired about doing an all female team, the base’s reaction was that there hasn’t been a female league in YEARS, and they doubted that there was enough people who wanted to play.  So we asked about a co-ed league.  And aparently there hasn’t been a co-ed league in years etiher, but they didn’t totally blow off the idea like they did with the all female idea.  So… now our league is made up of 3 co-ed teams … and aparently we are also there to be practice teams for the all male teams to play against when they need some one to beat.

So I think the next time an idea sounds really good to me, I’m going to stay out of it, no matter how much fun it sounds like it will be… because I’ve realized that ducking is just a little easier than trying to understand a sport where you become a target.  LOL   (ok I can’t really say that because I love Paintball… lol but than again, I understand that sport. AND its also ok to duck when the balls are coming at you. )

I will stay on the team, but I think I’m going to find some other position to play, at least until I get some more practice.


2 Responses

  1. Sounds interesting!
    You should stay on the team it is a very fun sport. LOL.

  2. hey at least it counts as excersise!

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