Navy Wife Radio LIVE 9/2 9pmET – Join the conversation

Hi Everybody,

We are back live tonight and welcome a special guest, Anita Doberman.  You know her from her column on and milspouse, you don’t want to miss this fun show.

Here are the details:


2 Sept 08 – Navy Wife Radio is LIVE tonight at 9pmET. Be sure to join us live or on demand.

Tonight we welcome journalist, life coach and radio show host Anita Doberman. Anita is also a military wife and mom of six children. Originally from Rome, Italy, her columns reflect her unique perspective and will leave you smiling.

Join us for some laughs and her thoughts on making the most out of this military life we are living.

At last check of her website, she recently interviewed Michelle Obama for You don’t want to miss this fun show!!

Plus, we are taking your calls and questions!

Here is the show link:

More Details:

Read Anita’s columns on

2 Responses

  1. I am so disappointed that I missed the live show. I love Anita. I think she is fantastic! I will have to listen to the archives tonight now that I don’t have class.

  2. We will definitely have her back on the show, so I’ll be sure to post ahead of time. 🙂 She was great and so down to earth. You’ll love getting to know her better… sure to catch the show on demand! 🙂

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