On the way!

I spoke to my husband this morning as he was preparing to leave his FOB.  The next time I hear from him, he will have completed the first leg of his journey home for R&R.  Although he has only been deployed for about 6 months, it has been closer to 9 since we lived under the same roof.  I am trying to remain patient, but my excitement is starting to get the best of me.  It is going to be so wonderful to have him home for a couple of weeks.  I can’t wait to see him and M interact.  There is a big difference between a 6 month old who is barely mobile and a 1 year old who is into everything!  I know he will love every second of chasing her around though, and I will love watching it! 

I am just praying that he has a quick and safe journey home.   Hopefully, I can be patient enough to survive the rest of the week!

One Response

  1. This is such awesome news! I am so happy for you guys, I pray his travel time goes by FAST! 🙂

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