Happy 218th Birthday United States Coast Guard


Happy birthday to the members, family and friends of the United States Coast Guard! 

In January of 1915, 93 years ago, the Coast Guard was named a branch of the U.S. Armed Forces. Specifically, Title 14 of the United States Code (U.S.C.) details the matter.

Did you know that the Coast Guard has been involved in every major war that the United States has been a part of since the Civil War, which actually predates the 1915 establishment in the U.S.C. It is, in fact, our Nation’s oldest and continuous sea-going service.

To read more history on the Coast Guard office, you can visit the CG Historian’s page on the official site for the USCG.

For Coast Guard trivia, be sure to visit the Coast Guard Channel’s trivia page.

Just want to find out more about the Coast Guard in general, then visit GoCoastGuard.com.

And, finally, I’ll share this fitting prayer I found on Chaplaincare.navy.mil:

A Prayer for Coast Guard Day
God, we thank you for this special day. It is our Birthday. It is a day to rest from our daily labor. It is a day to share our daily bread with each other. It is a day to challenge each other to a different kind of excellence.  May we be refreshed today – in body and soul.  May we be renewed today – in mind and spirit.  May we be re-dedicated today – in word and deed.  Lord, in everything we do, may we please you, may we be all that we can be and may we do for those whom we help what we would like them to do for us. AMEN.

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