Fitness FUN

Last week the topic on Navy Wife Radio was Fitness Fun.  I think the title is great because we need to get back to focusing on enjoying exercise.  Even though I’m a certified fitness instructor I still have my down days when it comes to exercise.  As a mom to a baby girl and wife of a deployed soldier, I’m doing good when I can just shower and eat sometimes.  There are times when many of us are guilty of the all or nothing way of thinking when it comes to exercise.  If we know we won’t be able to get in a good hour or more at the gym, we don’t exercise at all.  Just try to remember that something is better than nothing!  I was recently discussing this with another Army wife.  She is a mother of twin babies and expressed her frustration with not being able to exercise regularly.  The following is just a tiny bit of the message I sent to her.  I hope it will help encourage other ladies who feel guilty and frustrated when they aren’t able to do it all.

I think our biggest thing is learning not to be hard on ourselves if we can’t always live up to our fitness/weight expectations. We have to change our mindset. Before we were moms, if we didn’t workout or eat right, we felt guilty because we had no excuse not to do better. Now we have to put our babies before ourselves and sometimes we may not be able to accomplish EVERYTHING that we want to. If all you can work in during a day is running up and down the stairs and a few situps and pushups – that’s still something to be proud of!

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