Where to, dear?

It’s that time again. Talk about where to go next, what orders sound good and where we’d like to go is our dinner conversation. Do we go south, west, midwest, east? Do we stay, do we go, do we extend again? The decision is never easy nor is it usually much fun.

Deployment or IA? Hubby isn’t too fond of either one but his little buddy (ie, son) is what causes those mixed feelings. Over six years of sea duty is a lot and it’s time for a break but the break could be a straight shot to the desert. Aloha Friday’s sound nice but are we going to be stuck on an island forever?

Another move, another potential mess or disaster. To pack up and move again sends an ache to my head and a break in my heart for all that we have to do and all that we have to leave behind. We wonder to ourselves whether or not it’s worth another six years after this enlistment is up. A house of our own is merely a dream that we know will someday come true.

And so, as my eyes feel like they are going to tear up, I pick myself up by my bootstraps (hahaha), remind myself that I am a MILITARY WIFE and a proud one at that, and that as long as HE is MY military husband, I will be his military wife… following dutifuly wherever the Navy shall take us!


3 Responses

  1. Ahh yes, my husband and I just had the exact same conversation. Good luck!

  2. My wife and I moved 11 times during “our” career in the Navy, fun stuff 🙂

  3. It seems like an ever evolving conversation in our house… and in the end its always the will of the marines that wins out.

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