Jumping thru flaming hoops for a new ID

All I want is to get my military ID renewed. I have the signed 1172 from the squadron, I have my old ID, my mother is even going to watch the kids so I don’t have to drag them with me. So I ask… WHY IS IT SO DIFFICULT!?!

Gone apparently are the days of just walking in to get one. Now you have to make an appointment online. Maybe I’m starting to become an old fart cause this is getting confusing for me.

And is anyone else confused about when the form ask for the last four SSN if they are asking for yours or your spouses? I always assume they are talking about him but since it was a form submitted online I’m afraid if I put the wrong one I wont really have an appointment and will drive down there for no reason tomorrow. If I was wrong I’ll plead stupidity, I erred on the side of caution and put his. I’ve come to accept that the Marine Corps generally isn’t asking questions about me. I’m ok with this. I do reap the benefits of the pay and what not.

Wow it just hit me that I’ve been married to the military long enough to now start saying “back in the day” followed by a rant. Yowza. Either that or I’ve just been around for a while and still don’t understand it. Either or…..

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  1. Oh goodness….don’t even get me started. Last time I renewed mine, you would have thought I was conspiring against the government for my ID. I had to travel to the local Air Force base and have an…interesting….err GS (I believe) talk down to me about how it all needs to be done and that the way I’ve always done it was wrong. Let me just say, I was fit to be tied and so thankful I didn’t have the kids with me that day.

    Ugh. Sorry to steal your vent. LOL

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