Ode to the duty day

Alarm goes off at 0-dark-30. NUDGE. NUDGE. “Honey, get up, your alarm is going off!” In my mind I’m thinking… it’s too early to be up on a weekend!

“WHHAAAA!” (scream, cry, scream)… another early day from the little guy. “Da, da, da.” Yes, da da is getting ready for work on the submarine.”

Kisses and waves goodbye which yields a grumpy little guy. Breakfast and then it’s time to get ready for church. Getting ready to go anywhere on a tight schedule isn’t easy much less with a cranky little guy because daddy had to go to work.

Ahhh… a little break with the little man in the nursery while I enjoy church, although the sermon seemed to go entirely too quickly and now it’s back to the daily grind.

“Da da da da da.” “Sorry buddy, daddy is on duty on the submarine.” “Da da da da da.” I know, daddy misses you too.” Little lip starts to quiver and the tears roll… he’s definitely a daddy’s boy!

Here comes a thunder storm, guess no walks today. The whining continues because the little man won’t go down for a nap. We play and play but of course mommy doesn’t do the things daddy does so it isn’t the same. Daddy gets the giggles out, mommy gets the smiles.

The day wears on. There’s food that’s been splattered on the floor (good thing it’s like hospital tile) but someone is having seperation anxiety issues so it’s nearly impossible to clean up. Dishes are piling up from the day and the dishwasher still needs to be unloaded. Clothes in the dryer to be folded and some in the washer to be dried. Mommy missed lunch and is having a PB&J for dinner.

Bath time and the bathroom is all wet from splashing about. Winding down from the day is usually where daddy comes in. It’s a story or two… sometimes three and saying “night night” to the fish in the aquarium. Apparently mommy’s stories aren’t good enough and we don’t spend long enough with the fish so it’s another battle to go to bed.

Finally asleep as I sneak out of the room… then the floor creaks and we have to start all over again… when will this duty day end?

I have yet to experience an underway or a deployment with a little person (guy in my situation) but sometimes it feels like everything comes crashing down on duty days.  I’m hoping that we’ll get into a routine that Tristyn will understand once underways/deployments start up again… until then we keep on keepin’ on during those duty days!


4 Responses

  1. I have 3 little ones and I completely!! understand what you are saying. It has gotten easier as they have gotten older, with them being able to understand that Daddy will be coming back from whatever “work” taking place. Our youngest is 4 and even now when Daddy comes in from a duty day she runs to hug his legs as if he’s been gone for months. Hang in there!

  2. Duty days…ugggg….they are supposed to home right?? Im sure with the little one it makes it harder…..oh and the quivering of the bottom lip to make matters worse! Gosh they know how to work it even as babies!

    Hang in there *hugs*

    BTW that is the funniest/cutest picture….me and husband got a kick out of it. What fun you are going to have showing that around when he is older and grown up!

  3. Oh blah, duty days!! We don’t have children yet, but I catch myself with the quivering lip myself on duty days! LOL Take care everyone and the photo is precious! 🙂

  4. Oh that is funny….I know I wish the quivering lip trick worked.

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