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Tuesday – July 8th – Jenny Spouse creator Julie Negron stops by to talk about her latest travel adventure using SpaceA. Plus, writer Thomas Litchford chats about being a milspouse and his latest article in the July issue of Military Spouse Magazine!

Julie opens up about her SpaceA experience traveling from Okinawa to the states and back.

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Tuesday – July 8th – Are you living in CHAOS?! If you struggle with a lack of routine, disorder, or just general chaos in your life, we highly recommend the Fly Lady as a great online resource. Her term CHAOS has us talking! We want to help you go from Clutter to Cozy!

So, join us today for some candid conversation! We are also talking about the latest changes to the GI Bill, a Girls Getaway Sweepstakes via LifetimeTV, plus Thomas Litchford, writer and milspouse, joins us. He’ll be talking about balancing work and family, being a milspouse, plus his latest article in the July issue of Military Spouse Magazine! We’ll also welcome another author from our blog, so join us!

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We invite you to join the conversation!

You donโ€™t want to miss this show LIVE! Our call in # is 646-652-4629.

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July 8th – Tuesday
9pm ET
Yahoo IM: Navy Wife Radio

5 Responses

  1. Really great show! I found you by chance but will definately be tuning in again soon!

  2. Rebecca! Thanks for your kind words & for tuning in!

    Help us spread the word!!

    Feel free to download shows on demand at


  3. darn it! I keep missing it! I need to readjust to this Hawaii Standard time! Miss you all! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll keep listening in archives!

  4. Thanks Jai!

  5. Rebecca- Glad you found us! Thanks for listening! I hope we can be an encouragement to you! Keep in touch!

    Jai- Just wanted to pop in and say, “Hello!” to ya! Hope you are enjoying your new “Paradise” home! Thanks for listening to us!

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