Thank you!

I wanted to take a few minutes out of what is sure to be a busy Independence Day to express my gratitude to those who allow us to live in a wonderful, free country.  Thank you to all of those that currently serve and have served honorably in our military.  I would love to be able to celebrate with my husband today, but I know that he and all the other servicemembers who are separated from their families are doing their jobs so that we may continue to live in an independent country.  I am so grateful that their service allows my daughter to grow up in a place where she can truly do anything that she wants to do. 

There are some other people I would like to acknowledge today that you may not neccesarily think of on July 4th.  As a military wife, people often say to me – “I don’t know how you do it”.  I’m know many other military wives are constantly told that too.  One reason we are able to thrive is because of those around us who support us.  Everyone who supports a military family member is in turn supporting the servicemember.  When a servicemember knows that their family is taken care of, they are able to focus on their job and do it more effectively.  There is no way that I could list all the people who have helped me but I will try to mention a few.  My extended family, among other things, helps take care of my daughter sometimes.  This allows me to have a short break every once in a while that is very much needed.  My friends have been there to help me have fun and take my mind off the stresses of everyday life, but they have also been there to help me up when I’ve been down.  The ladies at the post office encourage me by always being so friendly when we go to send my husband his regular care packages, and they always ask about him.  The staff at the vet’s office would always help me when I showed up at the clinic with a dog and baby in tow.  I appreciate the people who just stop to ask me how B is and tell me that they are praying for him.  Those few words have the power to lift my spirit immensely.  Thanks to all of you who encourage and uplift a military family member.  When you bring a smile to our face, you are serving our country in your own little way.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed 4th of July weekend!

2 Responses

  1. Great post Cristin.

    Happy 4th Everyone! We certainly do have a lot to be thankful for living in this great country of ours!

  2. Hope yours was wonderful and THanks to everyone who sacrifices on a daily basis so that we may be free. Happy birthday America!

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