The perfect gift

I wrote a post a month or so about a friend of mine moving back to the area and how the combat boots in her family are moving around a bit. Her husband is retiring from the Army and her son is heading off to the freshman class at West Point today.

I wanted to get something to mark the change in her life from military wife to military mom. I looked around for something online and I came across a website, Designs by Sandra Kay with a whole assortment of bracelets. One in particular caught my eye, it was a military mom bracelet. Perfect.

Even better is that she will personalize your bracelet for you, be it with a name, special colors, or another specific charm (within reason of course). Apparently West Point colors (which I got below) are pretty popular so she even has a bracelet for you West Pointers out there. I emailed her to see if it were possible to have a military wife charm added and she was happy to oblige (it added to the cost a few dollars but very worth it). All told with shipping and the extra charm it was only 35 dollars. Good God I love me a bargain.

I received the bracelet today and its fabulous. I’ve seen some beaded bracelets that end up looking hokey or tacky. The beads are too big or the coloring is off or something but not the case with this one. It’s gorgeous. Even flyboy, who balked when I said I wanted to order a red, white, and blue ones for myself, said that it wasn’t what he thought it would look like and he actually likes it. Its a major victory.
I cant say enough good things about Sandra and her business. She is an RN by trade but due to her health she is started something that she could run from home. She runs an great business, she responded promptly and oh so courteously to all my emails and was a joy to work with. When I spaced out and had it sent to my old address she sent it out again to me, at no extra cost, priority mail without so much as a fuss. Now days customer service being what it is, when I find a really great company I’m going to go back and I’m going to spread the word.

And now I know what to get my mother in law for Christmas this year. Not in West Point colors of course!

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  1. What a great idea! I love finding the perfect gift… makes the giving all that much better!

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