In the still of the night

The other night my dear dash-1 would not go to bed. Bedtime is sacred in our house, I think it has to be in a house where mom is usually flying solo.  Usually the little ones know that they will not win a battle of wills after 7:15 pm and really, there is no point in trying. Dash-2 went right off to sleep, curled up with his monkey and his favorite fish quilt from grandma in his new big boy bed. The other one… well the other one had other plans.

Dash-1 kept checking on the ground hogs out of his window, counted the number of birds on the telephone poll, watched an ant crawl across the window pane, went to the bathroom 5 times for no show pee, and requested a nighttime snack twice. By 9:30 I should have been torqued but for some reason it just didn’t bother me.

I saw the humor in it. I found his excuses to get out of bed funny (just had to make sure flyboy turned the bath tub off correctly 2 1/2 hours prior), I saw the twinkle in his eye as he thought he might get one over on me and thought it was just amusing. Life is short, let the little one win one every now and again. So we checked the water. And then I strayed from my usual modus operandi.

We curled into the comfy chair (my beloved armchair glider) got a blanket and watched us some Top Chef in the dark. There we sat, slightly rocking, next to the open windows, getting a nice cool breeze, smelling the sweet farm smells of freshly bailed hay and had cuddle time. We looked at some stars, watched the clouds move across the moon and made icky faces at some of the weird concoctions they created on Top Chef (really who would eat some of that stuff).

This is in no way going to be an everyday thing. Bedtime is still sacred, very sacred in this house. But I also need to learn to slow down. Enjoy the moments that life puts before me instead of rushing to stay to some schedule. I find myself moving so quickly sometimes, trying to balance everything, to not crack under pressure and in doing so putting more pressure on my shoulders that inevitably I crack.

I am trying my best to Stop. Slow down. Enjoy the moments. Enjoy my children. And let them feel the love that I have for them.

This is cross posted over at my site but I thought a lot of you other military moms who often fly solo too could appreciate it.  Here’s to all the parents trying to do it all and remembering to slow down a bit.

4 Responses

  1. What a fantastic reflection on how quickly childhood passes. I often find myself getting frustrated with tantrums and bedtime battles. The other night though, I curled up with one of the kids and watched a bit of Stuart Little until she drifted off to sleep. It was nice and very sweet. She seemed so content and it was well worth my allowing the exception for one night.

    I want to mention also that a (military spouse) friend of mine’s daughter is suffering from grave illness. They do not know how much longer they have with their precious princess and the family is doing all they can to make her last days wonderful. I try to remember this each and every time I get irked or fed up with parenting. It’s really a gift that we shouldn’t take for granted.

    Thank you for your post. 🙂

  2. That’s so nice to read. The first 9 months of my daughters life have not been easy, but I try really hard to enjoy all the little moments we have together. I know that I am so blessed and try not to lose focus of that.

  3. What a sweet post. It is wonderful to be reminded that time with our kids goes by so fast it’s important to cherish those precious young years. I think I saw on John and Kate plus 8 where they let their kids have dessert first every one in awhile. I thought that was a cool idea. Occasionally breaking the rules can create some wonderful memories…..and I think those memories can stand out when we look back in time.

  4. I loved reading this. There is a rocking chair in my parents’ house that has the same memories attatched to it.

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