ARMY WIVES Brigid Brannagh to visit NWR Jun 24 9pmET

Bridget Brannah

Catch Brigid Brannagh who plays the character Pamela Moran on the hit Lifetime TV series ARMY WIVES this Tuesday 24 Jun 08 on Navy Wife Radio, 9pm ET. Show Link

If you haven’t yet seen the TV show Army Wives, then you might want to give it a try Sunday nights at 10pmET on Lifetime. It has a mix of drama, humor and insight into the military spouse experience. Even though it is TV and some things are not very realistic, the show does make for a good way to snuggle up in your PJs and induldge in an hour of “me time”. In the past two episodes I have laughed and cried….both shows! I’m hoping I’ll get through an episode without a box of tissues needed.

Last season had a couple shocking racy Lifetime scenes where I thought I must be watching a rated R movie, but I have to say so far the good is out weighing the bad.

Last week on Navy Wife Radio we welcomed actress Sally Pressman, who plays the spunky fan favorite Roxy LeBlanc. This Tuesday we welcome actress Brigid Brannagh, who plays the outspoken, tough, Pamela Moran, another fan favorite who hosts her own radio show, which is… I have to say kinda cool. Meet and get to know more about Brigid this Tuesday 24 Jun, at 9pmET on Navy Wife Radio!

If you love Army Wives be sure to catch the LIVE blog / chat party over at Jan Wesner’s Standing By blog during the show.

Hope you join us this Tuesday at 9pmET on NWR – Put the show on your calendar and join the conversation! (ps. Help us spread the word by sending this post to all your friends!)

Show Link:

Navy Wife Radio


Pamela Moran in “Army Wives”

Brigid Brannagh had experience playing a soldier’s spouse long before “Army Wives;” she starred in the critically acclaimed TV series “Over There,” about the war in Iraq. This actress has done numerous other TV roles, in shows including “CSI,” “Cold Case,” “ER,” “NCIS,” “Without a Trace,” “24” and “Angel.” But Brannagh’s acting hasn’t been limited to TV. She’s been on the silver screen too, including a stint with Sarah Jessica Parker and Harry Connick Jr. in the independent film “Life Without Dick,” about an accidental murder.


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