The facts of life…


I’ve come to the conclusion that there are just some facts of my life that I will end up having to deal with day in and out no matter what..   Some are fixable and some are just funny to think about, and others … well are just facts of life.


It’s a fact of life that a pair of jumper cables will be a permanent fixture in the front seat of my car. 


It’s a fact of life that before each payday I will have no more than $4 in my check book.


It’s a fact of life that the crush button on my Ice maker will only work when it wants to, apparently it has an attitude.


… I will always be surprised by what my kids do next.


… when I think things are ready to slow down and even out something else will always come up


… the antique VW sitting in my driveway will probably continue sitting there only to be driven one or two days a year.  And even though we have discussed selling it… it will probably stay a permanent fixture in our life.  


… I will be sweeping and mopping my dining room and kitchen floors until the end of time.  Due to two rowdy dogs and 3 kids.


… I will always need to run to the store for something even though we just went grocery shopping.


… when hubby is away I become obsessive about checking my door and window locks and I look behind my shower curtain before I go to bed. 


… gas prices will never hit 89cent a gallon again.



While there are a hundred more things I could list, that I’ve just learned to live with… I’d like to hear of some things that you’ve learned to just… live with.

2 Responses

  1. Things that I’ve learned to just….live with:

    the fact that bedtime doesn’t really mean bedtime and that children will get up about 10 times before actually falling asleep;

    the irony that an ashore job isn’t really an “at home every night” kind of job;

    that I’ll never really get to scrapbooking, because the task is overwhelming and events keep happening to fill the empty pages (I just can’t keep up)…

    boy, I could go on and on.

    Neat post!

  2. that I’ll also probably never get to scrapbooking any of the bazillion photos I have either;

    that I’ll never have my car as clean as my husband would like it to be;

    that I’ll never watch all the programs on my DVR;


    I agree ….neat post…….great to hear from you Megan 🙂

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