Feeding the Lonely: Snacks While He’s Deployed

Sure, your beloved is gone, and it’s tough. You find yourself giving in to cravings and trying to feed the pain. Your brain says “No”, but your taste buds and aching heart say “feed me”. You don’t want to pack on the pounds while he’s away. Truthfully, you want to look pretty svelte upon his return. So, you hit the gym and start working up a sweat. Girl, doesn’t that feel great? You know the saying Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. Well, I’m here to inform you that something does taste as good. In fact, it tastes so good, you may think about hoarding them in cold stores in your own home. Trust me, you will want to fashion something to keep them safe—away from any animals, bugs, dust, warm weather, children, spouses, visitors that might try to get to them.

What is this spectacular treat? Champion Chip chocolate chip cookies by Newman’s Own Organic (The Second Generation) are a gift from the heavens. They are beautiful. They are delicious. They are why my husband might come to a whale of a wife. Try them, if you can find them at your local store. Oh, and put them in the freezer—they are extra yummy that way.

If this current deployment of my husband’s gets extended, I won’t cry. Rather, I might just run (or waddle) out to the store to pick up some more cookies. They make my soul happy. Of course, they can’t cuddle like he does (that can’t be replaced). Maybe I’ll cut back on the cookies just a bit. Nah, I’ll just have to go to the gym more so I can justify this coping mechanism.


5 Responses

  1. Some trips I go out and buy a bunch of crap to eat, oreos, frozen pizza, and thats just a few. And then as he gets closer to coming home I get rid of the evidence. Not that he would care but I dont want him to know that basically I’m a frat boy when he’s gone! Thankfully now with kids, I’m too lazy to eat crap while he’s gone. I just want to sleep!

  2. Its actually easier for me to eat healthier when he’s not home. He can eat anything, and usually will, and not worry about it. It was easier for me to stick with the low cal dinners and fruit and veggies for snacks when he wasn’t suggesting the yummy no-no foods.. Now there is marshmellow fluff in my pantry!

  3. LOL

    Well, I actually eat healthier when he’s home because he isn’t a junk food nut like me.

  4. OMGosh that was funny…..

  5. Oh, every deployment I tell myself I will waste away and met the pounds while he is gone. The problem is that I gain 10 extra ones the first 3 months, then kick myself into gear… but 10 more on top of *@ in the hole… know, if I could just learn that lesson this time and stop at the 3 week into mark…maybe I can finally waist away,

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