Check these finds out!

My three year old is a space freak.  He lives and breathes anything and everything space related.  (He’s also very into airplanes but right now space has a definite cool factor too it.)  My sister is an elementary school teacher and for Christmas she got him a fantastic DVD all about the space shuttle.  How it is built, what it can with stand, what the scientist do in space, on and on it goes.  Dash-1 has seen it enough times that he can explain what friction is and how water turns to vapors.  Impressive isnt it?  Well last night he came running up to me and showed me the insert to the DVD that he had found in the playroom.  It was the entire collection of The Big Adventure Series.  I had to share with you moms out there what two of the other videos were…. hold on to your hats, this is exciting…..

The Big Aircraft Carrier explores the USS Nimitz complete with landing and takeoff aboard the carrier, explaining how the ship works, what the different folks wearing the different colored shirts do, and just how big the Nimitz really is.  The Big Submarine goes underwater in a Titan Class sub and answers any and all questions kids (and adults) might have about submariners.  I haven’t gotten either DVD yet so I cant give a full review of them but I’m sure its only a matter of time.  I can only imagine that these might be very handy DVD’s for little ones who’s mom or dad is getting ready to hit the seas.

4 Responses

  1. Ooooh! Keenan would love the submarine one! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. These look sooo cool. Thanks for sharing!

  3. You have been tagged! (details at my blog :))

  4. ok navycs….Im heading over there……

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