British soccer camp comes to town

Challenger Sports

This week Chris is in soccer camp. Years ago we discovered Challenger Sports which puts on a soccer camps with British soccer coaches. These professional coaches will work with campers on soccer technique, tactics and strategies. If you are looking for something to challenge your little soccer player chances are there is a camp near you. There are British soccer camps in 1,700 communities across the country! Each camper receives a free British Soccer Camp T-shirt and a free soccer ball! And if you sign up 45 days before the start of camp you get a free soccer jersey!

Throughout the years Chris has collected jerseys in the colors of blue, red, and white.  This years color is a bright yellow….about as yellow as the new Navy PT t-shirts. You can see the kids from a mile away.

This year we are a host family, so since Sunday we have had Coach Ryan staying in the upstairs office/guest room. We are learning all kinds of things about his life in England which has been fun and a great experience for Chris. He is 20 and attends the University of Manchester.

One funny thing we have learned is a “British word” for “talking back”. It is “back chat”.

I have already had many situations in which to use this phrase.

To learn more about Challenger Sports and their coaches, click here

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