its been a long few weeks

I’m feeling very out of my routine lately.

In a good way but out of the routine none the less. My lean cuisines are sitting in the fridge with frost bite.  I’ve had to resort to buying the flavor of ice cream I know my husband hates so that its still there in the morning.  I’ve been doing laundry non stop and my bathrooms are dirty in a way that I dont dirty them.  There is a man in the house.

Flyboy has been home for almost five weeks now. Five long, long weeks. Three weeks of that was leave he had to use up and the rest is just a quiet month without much flying at work. I take that back, work is not quiet there just isnt much flying the past few weeks.  I think, and I am not kidding, that this is the longest chunk of time we have been together since we’ve been married. Its been nice, flyboy said that he is relieved that we apparently can live together so he’s not so worried about when he retires, he’s so romantic. But honestly I was kinda wondering the same thing. Its so odd to live so much of your married life apart, the constant comings and goings, you do start to wonder what it will be like when this chapter ends. But we are both relieved that we will be able to live together come retirement.  Or at least we will make it five weeks before someone kills the other. 


5 Responses

  1. Oh boy, sounds like time for him to go flying again. I know how it was when DH first ended up back on land. We were so tired of each other after about 8 weeks. We needed a break! LOL

    You just get use to a rhythm. Hope you get your routine back soon.

  2. When you do retire – Make the break from the Navy – redo your vows and go on another honeymoon. Be kids again 🙂

  3. not that I want him to go, I do miss him when he’s not around and the boys need to have someone to rough house with, but even he seemed relieved when he said he would be flying in a week or two. Who knows to where or what but ha ha the remote will once again be mine and I can eat a tv dinner after the kids have gone to bed! Only in military life does one start to miss that!

  4. its funny, because i have the complete opposite! this is the first time longer than a week that my other half has been gone. and i hate it! its too much alone time. trust, i LOVE duty days sometimes. but i like to know the next day he will be there waiting when i get home from work.

    i hope that the 6 month deployment wont be too hard for me. GOD, i dont even want to think about that…

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