My Bear Sighting

I think I will need a vacation to recover from this vacation. I have a camera full of photos and I am in love with my little iFlip even more after using it a ton these past few days.

Our first day in the mountains included sightings of 2 deer, 1 raccoon and 1 bear. We had a picnic lunch, hiked to a waterfall, had a cold beverage at the Hard Rock Gatlinburg and I did not check my email once.

I finally figured out how to post on YouTube…..our first “upload”….how cool!


3 Responses

  1. Ummm…where I grew up, we had bears and you didn’t stop and take photos/videos of them!? I hope you were at a very safe distance!! You are crazy! Geezzzz!! : D

  2. He was busy eating from a tree, berries and nuts I guess. I made sure to have those rocks in between us, unlike the guy in the video on the other side of the bear with the 35mm camera taking about a 1,000 photos. He was about 10 yards from the bear….NOW that guy was brave! ….and more than a little crazy! 🙂

  3. AHHH! A BEAR!!! I would be high tailing it out of there! LOL! Black bears are relatively harmless if you leave them alone and if they don’t have little cubs. I am sure he smelled that there were people around and was “Hoping” you guys left some goodies lying around for him to eat! TOO CUTE!

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