What a difference a year makes

A year ago he was on our couch playing xBox for hours and hours.

Today for the first time he stepped aboard a “big deck”. Im not sure he’d be happy about my blogging about it, his dad has already emailed his CMC and some others Im sure of it…..

(deep breath)

They have text messaged this morning and it is just so exciting and scary at the same time.

Being a Navy mom is REALLY starting to sink in…

He said he has already gotten “lost” and had to find someone to show him how to get back to the galley.

8 Responses

  1. It’s kind of scary isn’t it? I’m not a Navy mom, but I am a Navy sister. My brother is on USS Jimmy Carter (SSN 23). It’s so weird to feel scared and proud and a whole bunch of other emotions at the same time.

  2. Yes….you are SO right. I am thinking all kinds of thoughts from I hope he has enough time to eat, that he is treated right, that he isn’t too homesick….etc…..


    Thanks for the comment…that is cool your brother is on the USS Jimmy Carter! This “CARRIER” life is all new to me so I am just learning as we go…..

  3. What a crazy mix of emotions you must be feeling. I hope he loves the Navy and makes the most out of the adventure. And, you’ve got to be too young to be a Navy mom. There’s no way you are old enough Miss Wendy! You sound like such a young thing on the air. πŸ™‚

  4. Wow, congratulations on being a Navy Mom! My youngest son is a Navy Seabee stationed in VA, Sept ’08 will be 11 years for him. He has been to the sand 3 times already and will be going again soon. My husband (submariner for 22 years), is IA, “boots on the ground” and in the sand til next year. I am so very proud of them both, and miss them desperately when they are away.
    Send your son lots of care packages (homemade cookies are always a big hit), and letters/photos from home, He will appreciate everything you send him. My best to you all, you must be very proud!!
    Google “Blue Star Mothers of America”, they are mom’s supporting sons, daughters in the military present and past. Again, congratulations to you, your spouse and mostly your son! May he enjoy his military enlistment and possible career!

  5. **CHEERS** to you and your husband Wendy for raising such a fine young man! Who knew this was going to happen! ; )

    He is going to be fine. . .I’m more worried about “the parents” lol

  6. wow your a navy mom?! i second what justagirlinport said, surely your too young to be a navy mom!

    i think its a great testiment to you and your husband and your parenting that you raised a young man who in todays world feels compelled to serve his country. Hard work, honor, and committment are no small thing these days.

  7. Thanks everyone for the well wishes…..he is very homesick at the moment, Im hoping his spirits will improve soon. πŸ™‚

    We are blended family….so yes the “numbers” don’t really make sense for me to be his “biological” mom, but since his dad and I have been together we have gotten quite close and have traveled a long road together. He certainly has given his dad and I the expected teenage headaches, I am just so happy he has found something he believes in, loves and is doing well in. Yeah!

    Im sure I’ll be writing more about this whole different adventure!

  8. Ahh! My husband! He still plays xbox for hours and hours every chance he gets. He is an amazing person and his military experience has allowed him to grow so much. I am so proud of him! And I MISS HIM so much!

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