My Most Embarrassing Shopping Experience Yet

So, we are in the grocery store on Sunday. The kids love to wave to other children in the cart and I have always encouraged them to say, Hello! to others and be polite and sociable. It is good for them.

Today there was an adorable little girl in the cart next to us. I had to stop to pick up some spinach and it happened to be right next to this lovely little girl in the cart next to us.

To give you perspective of the story my family is Caucasian and this family was black. (I hesitate to use the term African-American cause I don’t know from where they decended could have been European, Haitian, Africa, Jamaican, Caribbean) My children have seen many people from all nationalities that were different from them but have never said anything about the difference and I personally don’t bring attention to the differences because we are all people and I want them to grow with that same respect towards others.

Well, on this day they noticed our unique differences. My son said, Mommy, WOW those people are brown. You cannot imagine my reaction. I was blushing so Red, I felt the heat radiating from my face. Part of me wanted to run away and crawl under a rock and the other part of me wanted to just pretend nothing was said but he said it loud enough to be heard. I felt my heart begin to palpitate and I just said calmly while still in the same place. “Yes, son that is true but God made everyone in this world different so this world would be a much more beautiful place for us to live in.”

Thank goodness that was a good enough answer to keep him quiet. I think that I was more offended than the lovely lady at the cart beside me.

Kids no matter what notice our differences some of our differences are merely cosmetic and some are just on the inside and who we are as an individual. It is our job as a parent to mold them to accept our differences no matter how big or small they may be as something beautiful, wonderful and unique!

 Kids, you gotta love them too for just how they are even if they embarrass the heck out of you in the process! 


4 Responses

  1. Don’t throw stones at me anyone, but I think that’s quite heart warming actually, and I imagine while you were feeling embarrassed others likely thought it was harmless. The innocence is priceless and the fact that color meant nothing to them before is a testament to how well you are raising them.

    One of our very dearest friends is extremely dark-skinned. Our children, who are very, very pale in color, never noticed until about a year ago when they saw a picture of themselves with him. It’s beautiful how children are essentially colorblind. Now, if we could only translate that appreciation for diversity, tolerance, unity and acceptance into other areas of our lives.

  2. too funny! kids really do just blurt out whats on their mind.

    i had the opposite thing happen to me though. my kids are pale especially dash-1 he’s trully irish fair skinned. we were in the checkout and there was a little boy about his age who was very dark skinned. He looked at my kids and then his mom and said, “wow that boy is really white!” i most certainly wasnt bothered. The mom looked like she wanted to die, I just laughed it off and told his mom that we keep the sunscreen industry in buisness.

  3. What a great thing to tell them. Just goes to show the innocence of a childs mind. When they become aware of their surroundings you never quite know what they will say or when they will say it!!

  4. I had a moment some what like yours. My son was eating candy with a little girl at a Birthday Party. I think he must have been 3 at the time….he held up his tootsie roll and said, “You are brown like my tootsie roll”. . .The little girl who was around 4 1/2 years old said, “no, I’m black!” Zach just giggled and said, “No your brown! SEEEE…” and held his tootsie roll agianst her arm! Oh Gosh. He was justproud that he knew his colors….luckily the little girls mom thought it was cute and told everyone at the party. We were the only ones that were not African American. . .And there were at least 25 peopple and their kids.

    But, I agree that innocence is something that they are blessed with and I wish they could hold on to it longer.

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