From one pair of combat boots to another and a move “home”.

I recently got some fantastic news. A dear friend of mine is coming back to our area! Her husband is retiring from the Army and accepted a position at the Academy. I am thrilled to have her back within my reaches! She is the kind of friend who despite being terribly busy with her own life is there waiting in the wings should you need her. We worked together in my pre-children life, they PCS’ed shortly after Dash-1 made his appearance. While I was here alone while flyboy was deployed and pregnant it was her and another Army friend who took me back and forth while I was in the hospital off and on and sat with me for days at a time.

My friend has a little bit of a head start on me, her husband is finishing his Army career, while mine still has a solid amount left in the Marines, her son is starting his Army career at West Point this summer, while my son will be starting nursery school in the fall, but still we seem to have a common ground. I hope that as my children get older that I can be the kind of mom that she is. She nurtures their whole being, taking them here and there to various activities and I swear never a hair out of place on her head. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen her without make up on.

There is a point to my ramble. After all isn’t there always! Her husband’s retirement ceremony will be in the end of June. I’m at a bit of a loss for what to do. I’d like to get her a little something to mark her move from military wife to military mom. Anyone have any ideas?

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  1. Oh, that’s a tough one. . . Have you thought of a bracelet?? There are so many wonderful military related pieces that would be nice. I know that I don’t wear necklaces a lot or rings, but a bracelet is something you can change with an outfit.

    Lets see….what else…A beautiful throw blanket, or a personalized journal that you write something in before given to her. . .

    I’ll keep thinking . . . :o)

    But it is great to hear about your friend coming back to you and I think it is important for women to know that branch, husbands rank/rate, and age have nothing to do with the bond that can be formed.

    There is just something special about milspouses and our relationships with each other.

  2. Awww, I just got chills reading that. What a bittersweet turn of events for her. From wife to mom. I think that a bracelet is a beautiful suggestion.

    Do you have any pictures of her (like then and now)? I could help you with something too. I create poetry set with photos (I can explain if you want-LOL). Let me know if I can help at all.

  3. Thats so great to have a long time friend re-enter your life….as far as what to get……that is a tough one. The website has very cool bracelets. You could get a couple of links as a necklace since the bracelets are a bit more expensive.

    How about an engraved frame with 3 slots would be neat, one for the husband’s “first military photo”, one for her son’s “first military photo” and a family photo??

    Keep us posted on what you decide! 🙂

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