Where are you from?

First I should say that if I havent been around as much in the past few days and continue to be slightly absent in the coming week its got a little something to do with my husband being on leave.  It kinda snuck up on us and we didn’t have much planned so we decided since we were already off to go visit both our respective families.  Fun I know!

How many people have gotten lost on the way to visit their parents?  I’m not talking about missing your exit on the interstate or anything, I’m talking no clue how to get to their house. This happened to us a couple of years back on the way to my inlaws. And to clarify… I was not the one driving. 

I was thinking about this when a friend asked where flyboy was from.  My standard response to this question seems accurate enough, “oh all over I suppose”.  My dear husband was himself a military brat, his father was also a career Marine Corps aviator.  (and just so you know he HATES that term “military brat” with a passion) But really where is he from?

We met in high school because it was close to his dad’s last duty station.  Now that his parents have moved back to where they are from it almost seems like flyboy doesn’t really have a place to go “home” too.  If you ask him where home is he says where we are stationed now.  If you can believe it he’s lived there longest then anywhere else in his life, that and to him, home is where our family is. Very romantic I know.  I’m the exact opposite in some ways.  Home is of course where we live now, after all we are starting our own family and our own traditions, but I also have a home where I grew up.  I spent such a large chunk of my life in one place and only one place.  When I go home to visit my family I am coming home to where I feel familiar and comfortable.  Things have changed over time but the feeling is still there. It’s odd to me that my husband doesn’t have that same comfortable feeling.  He doesn’t seem to mind so much, just like for me with where I am from, growing up that was all he knew.  And he seems relatively well adjusted.  Relatively being the key word….

All I hope is that this time we dont get lost trying to find his parents house! 

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  1. I’m a little bit like Flyboy, though neither of my parents were in the military. I have never lived in one house longer than five years. I’ve lived in one state for about ten years and in that time, we lived in four different houses, on three different ranches. So, I can relate to the feeling of home being wherever you lay your head at night and where your loved ones are. Home is also where my parents live. They have the furniture that my brother and I grew up with. When I walk in, it feels like home, even though I’ve never lived in the house they live in now. It’s just home.

    I hope you don’t get lost, too! Safe travels 🙂

  2. Great post!

    Once I woke up from a cat nap while my husband was driving from Florida to Missouri to visit family and we were headed SOUTH!? Ummm….not good. I looked at him and he quickly replied, “I made a wrong turn some where”. Uh, yeah. Not good.

    Now whenever we drive home, I can’t help but joke and ask if we are headed “south”.


    And I too was brought up not in the military, but moved all the time. 🙂

  3. Growing up I lived in the same place from 6th -12th grade, so I feel that is “home” when I’m not at “my home”….if that makes sense. The husbands parents lived in the same house for 40plus years until recently when they downsized and sold their house…..can you even imagine?? I have a hard time imagining and I KNOW them.

    Even though my husband spent his WHOLE youth in the Tampa Bay area, every time we go to Orlando he gets lost. Its the funniest thing to me….so I end of driving to save his nerves. Something about I4 I guess…..

  4. I *say* that South Carolina is “home” but it doesn’t feel that way to me…HOME is where my husband and I make our home right now. I am no longer comfortable in my “home” town.

  5. I have no “Home” either. Was born in Michigan lived there till 8 then moved to Florida lived there till 18 then moved to Michigan then to Illinois then to Virginia then back to Florida well and now we are stationed somewhere else. My husband grew up in Tampa but then after he joined the Navy his parents moved away to TN and mine sold their house in FL and moved to Arizona. CRAZY I know but that is my life. I Have no home and no home to go back to either. So Home is where the Navy sends us! As long as I am with my family that is good enough for me. 🙂

  6. sigh. well. we did not get lost getting to his parents but we did take a slight unexpected detour finding our way home. The navigator in my husband wanted to try out a new way, lets just say that his navigating skills are better in the air then on land.

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