Please, Say Prayers for Little Dillon

Dillon is a little boy who desperately needs our prayers. At 2 1/2 he was diagnosed with a very rare form of Kidney Disease (Only about 25 cases reported per year in the US) 

His little body has endured both Chemotherapy and Radiation of which he has been off of now for 21 months. 

This May 5th he will be going in to have his next set of scans where he will be checked for reoccurrence. This will be the day after his 5th birthday. 

Recently, Dillon has been complaining of tummy aches which is what he did when they found the cancer originally. This of course has really caused concern for his parents and reasonably so.

Please, Please, Please, PRAY for little Dillon and his family. My heart was just crushed to hear his story and the plight of his parents to help their sweet little guy fight such a terrible disease as this cancer. 

Here is the full story from his Mother’s Blog. His father faithfully serves in the US Air Force.

4 Responses

  1. I’ll definitely keep lil Dillon in our family prayers. Thanks for sharing Jessica.

  2. Oh gosh. He is in my prayers.

  3. Thanks! It breaks my heart for anyone to have something like this but even more so when it is a child.

  4. […] Posted on June 25, 2008 by justagirlinaport This past April, Jessica told us the story of a little boy named Dillon who badly needs our prayers. Dillon is the son of a Staff Sergeant in the Air Force. Like Dillon’s […]

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