My little one’s first

Before I had kids I heard people talk about experiencing life thru them all over again.  I have to say I was a bit cynical, really could grass ever be interesting?  Sure enough its one of the best parts of parenting.  Since the arrival of spring we’ve been outdoors for most of the day and watching Dash-2, who is 16 mths, really get down in the dirt and explore the grass and the bugs and all things wonderful to little boys is one of the highlights of my day.  I can’t get enough of their first. 

Well my little one’s have a new first.  Their first military friends.  I should clarify, they know of other military kids but they are either much older (and too cool to play with a three year old) or too young (we all can admit that a three year old playing with a four month old is just dangerous.  Although it is a great way to find out if the four month old is made from hearty stock.) 

A little back story. My husband is stationed at a very small air base.  Really all that makes up our portion of the base is a few buildings, mainly hangars, and a run way.  The housing, which we don’t live in, is not on the base, there is an annex on the other side of town.  Nor is the commissary, medical, or any of the MWR located at the base, for those we go to an Army post about 45 mins away.  So our family is straddling both worlds, military and civilian.  Our lives are so unlike my civilian friends and until lately I hadn’t thought about it but the same goes for my kids.  Now that I think back there were some clues.  When a play date was ending and we were all heading home, one mom used the promise that daddy would be there when they got home, Dash-1 looked at her and said “My daddy isn’t going to be home.  He’s at an airport.”  Or when Dash-1 went thru a phase where he had two daddies, his home daddy and his away daddy, not so bad in my eyes, I see the kids logic. But the fact that Dash-1 kept telling people that he wanted to see his other daddy mortified the other moms. 

Anyways, over the past few months I’ve gotten close with another military wife, her husband is Coast Guard and she leads a very similar, here one minute gone the next existence.  Our kids are very close in age and temperament so they hit it off as well.  Her girls were over the other day and we were sitting around talking and I could hear Dash-1 rummaging thru the toys asking me where the other toy phone was.  I asked what they were planning on doing with it (he’s shifty, trust but verify even at a young age!).  He looked at me square in the eyes, serious as could be and said, “We are going to play call daddy on the phone”.  Now don’t get me wrong I know other civilian kids talk to their dads on the phone but it hit me, its normal to him.  And to her.  And now he had a friend who lived the way we lived.  A friend who for at weeks at a time, knows her dad like my son knows his, thru a phone. 

Of course now Dash-1 has her thinking that she has two daddies.  At least her mother has a sense of humor!


2 Responses

  1. So true, so true. The girls thought Daddy lived in the phone before, and now Junior is following in their footsteps.

    On the bright side, my children have a living, breathing HERO for a father. Can’t beat that!

  2. Sweet. So glad they have some new friends that understand the life. I can imagine them both calling “away daddy” on the phone.

    Life IS always better and far more amazing through the eyes of a child.

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