Long awaited pictures…

Sorry it’s taken so long to get pictures up ladies!




5 Responses

  1. Finally! I was beginning to think we were out bid by People magazine!

    He is just SO cute! …and I love those two bottom teeth! Enjoy this age….they grow way too fast. It will all be a blur one day…..take LOTS of video!!

  2. lol!! Too cute!! My whole life is a blur!!
    Sometimes Zach or Kay will say something and it completely catches me off gaurd. . .They are so much older than I realize. It makes mee take a step back and just look at them! Where does the time go!?

  3. Wendy-didn’t you see us on the cover of People last week? Gosh, stop by the newstand and take a peek. 🙂 And yes, he is growing up way too quickly.

  4. Precious little guy!

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