“Carrier” – A PBS Documentary

I posted this on my personal blog but thought I would pass this Information along to those who may be interested. 

“Carrier” was taped on the USS Nimitz during a 2005 “Cruise” by PBS. It is a documentary in which the US Navy allowed unprecedented access to it’s Sailors & it’s Lead Ship of Nimitz-class Supercarriers.

The documentary offers a once in a lifetime glimpse of what Navy life is like aboard this “Floating City” and will be airing on PBS April 27th – May 1st.

I am interested to check it out myself. Especially being the spouse of a Navy Sailor, I too am very interested as to what exactly goes on while my Sailor is away at sea. It will be interesting to see the challenges that they face and the “other side” of the deployment while I’m left behind to take care of the Home-front.

Here is a link to PBS’ “Carrier”

Here is the Trailer:



2 Responses

  1. I can’t wait to watch this….thanks Jessica for sharing.

  2. Since my DVR doesn’t “tape this far out” we SO need to remind each other of this show so we don’t miss it…..hey wait…..I think I’ll put in my iCal!


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